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The Black Gold: Pepper

Published Date : August 11, 2019

It gives heat and depth. It seasons food. Just a pinch of it enhances flavour. . . and exudes a tantalizing aroma, into the bargain. Yes, black pepper as a condiment delivers, the entirety. Any cuisine the world over—oriental or continental, black pepper, by far, helps the dish into a culinary delight.


Labelled a ‘master spice,’ ‘king of spice,’ or ‘black gold,’ “it is worth its weight in gold,” comment, the celebrity chef-de-cuisines throughout the world. In Western culture, the dining table in every household is conspicuous by the presence of salt and pepper shakers—so are they the customary table décor in restaurants around the world.

The kitchens on the other, house hand-held pepper-mills. A favourite of the gastronomes, their discerning palates can even nail down the absence of black pepper in a dish if the recipe calls for it. I cannot even imagine how the celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey, would react to his pupils if he finds that kind of a slip. “Only God can save them, poor guys!”

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