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Performance contract signed between Minister Aryal and line Ministry

Published Date : August 14, 2019

Kathmandu: Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padma Kumari Aryal signed the performance contract with the Secretary of Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, Gopinath Mainali here today.

The Ministry of Home Affair has made sure that all the ministries and their subordinate departments, agencies and offices to conclude performance contract with employees ranking from gazette third class (section officer) to first class (joint-secretary) effective from the current fiscal year 2019/20.

The performance contract includes goals of the office, human and non-human resources and means required to achieve the goals, time-frame to achieve the goals, budget, results to be achieved or achievements among others.

It is aimed at making its subordinate agencies more competent, strong, service-oriented and responsible by developing effective service delivery mechanism.

Towards this, the contract signed between the minister and line Secretary is also expected to streamline the Ministry.

In the agreement where the Minister is the first party and the Secretary being the second, the Secretary will provide a performance report on the performance of the Ministry to the Minister on a monthly basis.

Minister Aryal underscored the need to increase the productivity of the land as the government had also prioritized conservation and promotion of public, guthi (trust) and government land. She pledged, “The land is both a capital as well as a medium. We will end the anomalies prevailing in the real estate and will ensure good-governance.”

The Minister was confident that the contract signing would ensure effective service delivery to the service-seekers and helps in scientific management of the staffers in the Ministry.

Secretary Mainali shared that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had brought the concept of performance contract to ensure effective and efficient performance in the ministries and their subordinate departments, agencies and offices.

Mainali was confident that practice of submitting monthly report would help government accomplish its goals, plans and programmes envisioned by the incumbent government for the current fiscal year.

On the occasion, Secretary Mainali had entered into performance contract with the department heads in the Ministry.

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