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NA member demand programmes in disaster-hit places

Published Date : August 14, 2019


National Assembly (NA) member Suman Raj Pyakurel in today’s NA special hour demanded with the government to launch short-term and long-term programmes in the disaster-hit areas in the Province no 2. Many district in province no 2 were ravaged by the rain-trigged flood and inundation.

Pyakurel also spoke of the need to prioritize conservation of the Chure area that occupies around 13 per cent of Nepal’s total land.

Similarly, Binda Devi Ale Magar drew the attention of the concerned officials in disaster preparedness. She rued over the fire brigade that reached City Centre in Pokhara late while it was ablaze.

Dil Kumar Rawal pointed out the need to revise procedure for the helicopter rescue for pregnant and nursing mothers under the President Women Upliftment Programme although, she argued, it was an effective means to reduce maternity mortality rate.

So far 32 expecting mothers facing complications during their delivery have been rescued. In Nepal, 190 expecting or nursing mothers die out of 100,000.

Furthermore, she demanded with the government to pay attention to providing free sanitary pads to the female students in the government schools and encourage the production of biodegradable homemade sanitary pad at local level.

Jitendra Narayan Dev blamed that the government had not paid attention to ensuring peace and Bills were not devised as per the spirit of the constitution.

Prakash Pant ranted over the sub-standard construction of the blacktopping of the rods in Tanahu district. Ramesh Prasad Yadav bemoaned that the Bara storm survivors had not received the compensation yet.

Sher Bahadur Kunwar drew the attention of the government to curb the incidents of robbery prevailing in the bordering areas between Nepal and India where Nepali migrant workers returning from India were robbed.

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