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‘The Temperament of Nepal’ released in Beijing

Published Date : August 15, 2019

Kathmandu: The Temperament of Nepal, a book written by the Chinese writers in Chinese language on Nepal, was unveiled amid a programme organized by the Nepali Embassy in Beijing on Thursday.

According to a press statement released by Nepal’s Embassy in China, the book was written by Prof Hu Yu of Tsinghua University and his students Wan Ningning, Shen Qinyi and Zang Jinbaoabout.

Nepali Ambassador to China, Leela Mani Paudyal, appreciated the efforts of the writers in elaborating the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Nepal, adding that the book would contribute to disseminating information about various facets of Nepal and its cultural heritages.

Similarly, writer Prof Hu Yu expressed his happiness of being enthralled by the beauty and magnificence of Nepal that was, according to him, only an abstract concept before he actually visited the Himalayan nation with a “glorious history and great influence” in 2018.

The programme marked the presence of President of China Youth Press, Pi Jun, President and Chief Editor of Chinese Book Review Monthly, Dong Shanfeng, President of China-Nepal Cultural Exchange Association of Tsinghua University, ShenQinyi, Tsinghua University’s Prof Li Xiguang and University of Louisiana’s Prof Durga Poudel who is currently in China as a visiting professor.

Also in attendance were writers, representatives of organizations related to tourism, culture and media persons.

The book published by China Youth Press is based on the experiences and impressions of Prof Hu and his students during their visit to Nepal, the press statement reads.

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