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Shree Airlines test flight to Varanasi successful, flying international soon

Published Date : August 16, 2019

Kathmandu: Shree Airlines has accomplished its mission of conducting test fight to international destination with a successful test flight to Varanasi in India.

The airline anticipating arrival of new Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft very soon, is preparing to make international flights since a long time. With the addition of new fleets from Bombardier, the airline will debut in international market too.

The airlines made the flight to Varanasi on Monday 4:25 PM from Kathmandu with its CRJ 200 series aircraft. Shree airlines is one of two jet engine aircraft operators for domestic sector in Nepal. As the JET engines come with higher performance and high speed cruise, the flight from Kathmandu took only 50 minutes to land in Varanasi.

Buddha Air has been flying this sector from a long time with its ATR aircraft. However, the flight was discontinued for some time and then it has been resumed with two weekly flights from the end of June this year. The CRJ series aircraft is faster than the ATR aircraft and more comfortable to passengers according to the passenger voting.

The Dash 8 aircraft consist twin turbo prop engines, similar to that of ATR. Shree Airlines is expected to operate in domestic sector by its new coming Dash 8 aircraft and to conduct the international flights with its CRJ aircraft. Shree Airlines has a fleet of two CRJ 200 and two CRJ 700 series aircraft. The fleet size will count 06 after the new Dash 8 aircraft will arrive Kathmandu very soon.

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