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Two rural municipalities frame five-year development plans

Published Date : August 20, 2019

Kanchanpur, Aug 20: In a bid to expedite planned development, two rural municipalities in Kanchanpur district have charted out their first five-year periodic development plans.

Both Laljhadi and Beldandi rural municipalities developed their periodic plans with technical assistance from NLR, a social development organization.

The plans were framed to guide the annual planning process, formulate sector-wise strategic plan and development-prioritized programme and assure resource distribution and mobilization in line with the need.

The five-year development plan has been put forth as a base document to facilitate management of internal and external resources by analyzing available and necessary resources and enable environment for mobilization of investment and resources from development partners and private sector.

The plan document was prepared to make it people-centric and socialism-oriented focusing on high production, income generation, employment creation, environment protection, fulfillment of basic needs, assurance of self-esteem, inclusive development, balanced and rapid development, localizing sustainable development goals and alignment with national development goals.

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