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Motor vehicles, a threat to wildlife: 47 hit to deaths last fiscal year

Published Date : August 21, 2019

Birgunj, Aug 21: Road safety issues have been one of major concern for the Parsa National Park for the protection of wildlife.

According to data made available by the park, during the fiscal year 2018/19, a total of 47 wildlife were hit to deaths by motor vehicles.

The death toll includes a royal Bengal tiger, a deer, spotted dear (18), wild boars (14), monkeys (7), one Indian civet, one Yellow Monitor Lizard among others.

The number of wildlife dying from the strikes from vehicles was 37 in the previous year.

As Park information officer and assistant conservation officer Ashok Kumar Ram said, over-speeding vehicles plying via the Pathlaiya- Amlekhgunj route which goes through the park’s central part pose a safety threat to wildlife, sometimes hitting them to deaths.

According to him, an awareness campaign to this regard has been launched.

Drivers are getting pamphlets, posters and stickers designed to make them aware that how their minor negligence could take the life of an animal.

A solar powered fence has been has been placed along the area stretching to 16 kilometers to reduce human-wildlife conflict which has contributed to the prevention of the clash to some extent.

Presently, the park is home to 18 Royal Bengal tigers, 105 blue bulls, 54 elephants and seven rhinos.

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