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No dispute in party: NCP leaders

Published Date : August 23, 2019

            Kathmandu, Aug 23 : Leaders of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have assured that there was no dispute in the party.

            At a programme organized by the Reporters’ Club Nepal here Friday, they argued that none should spark debate on the differing views presented by the senior leaders in the party during the party meeting.

NCP Standing Committee member Devendra Poudel said the difference in thought among the leaders can be addressed internally in the party.

Poudel clarified that there was no truth in the rumours doing rounds that there was dispute in the party.

“NCP is a party that runs on the principle of janabadi kendriyata and it is further guided as per the party’s regulation, statute and reports,” he asserted.

            Likewise, leader Anand Pokharel argued that it was normal to have arguments and heated discussion in the communist movement. Thus, the regular discussion within the party should not be viewed in the light of conflict.            

He was of the view that difference in viewpoint of leaders would not adversely affect the party’s unification process which will be concluded in consensus.

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