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Shortage of dengue test kit hampers intervention efforts

Published Date : August 24, 2019

CHITWAN, Aug 24: The shortage of dengue test kits here has hindered the medical interventions against the disease.

According to the District Health Office, Chitwan, it has received 350 kits lately, and only 50 are in stock.

Hospitals in the district could not be provided with a required quantity of kits.

Office Kit Controller Ram KC said the kits’ supply to the Baghauda Hospital based in Madhi has been ceased and Ratnanagar Wakulahar has also been deprived of sufficient quantity of kits. The dengue infection is taking its toll in the district lately.

According to KC, till August 13, 225 dengue cases were confirmed in the district this season. Of them, 40 per cent is from the Bharatpur metropolis.

Besides, ‘the search and destroy mosquito larva’ campaign has been intensified to prevent the infection of dengue fever.

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