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NRNA Chairman Bhatta and Neupane deplaned from Silk Air

Published Date : August 25, 2019

Kathmandu, Aug 25: Chairman of Non-Resident Nepali Association Bhawan Bhatta and journalist Sanat Neupane were deplaned from a Silk Air aircraft for allegedly misbehaving with crew members Saturday night.

Authorities at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) confirmed the incident. Bhatta and Neupane were asked to deplane from the Silk Air aircraft just a few minutes before it was scheduled to depart at 10 pm to Singapore.

Bhatta and Neupane misbehaved with the airlines staff, and the police was called to deplane them, sources told Republica Online.

Meanwhile, Neupane accused the crew members of misbehaving. “We were misbehaved by the airlines crew members,” he claimed.

In an audio message on Facebook wall, Neupane said Silk Air is “the worst airline in the world,” and that the staff treated them unfairly.

In the same audio, he acknowledges that both of them had consumed alcohol before heading off to TIA.

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