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Trekking for Tourism Promotion

Published Date : August 27, 2019

Lalitpur, Aug 27: Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry is set to organize a trekking event on coming October 13.

In order to contribute to make Visit Nepal-2020 a success, the Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry has floated a plan to organize the trekking event in the metropolitan city and two municipalities of Lalitpur district.

Krishna Lal Maharjan, chair of Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said they were effortful to make publicity of the heritages of the district and attract domestic and foreign tourists to Lalitpur.

The event is organized to materialize the concept of ‘Our Heritage, We would Build’, he added.

“We would take the tourists to Sanagaun of Mahalaxmi municipality, Patan Durbar Square, Harisiddhi, Dhapakhael, Sunakothi, Bungmati and Khokana of Lalitpur Metropolitan City and the surrounding of Godavari municipality”, Maharjan shared.

Around 2,000 tourists are bound to participate in the trekking and know about the existing heritages of Lalitpur.

Any person interested to take part in the trek is obliged to pay fee of Rs 500, it was shared.

The fund raised from the trekking would be spent for the reconstruction of Bhimsen Temple, an important heritage of Lalitpur, he clarified.

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