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Campaign to Make Government Offices Accountable

Published Date : August 27, 2019

Parbat, Aug 27 : The District Administration Office (DAO) Parbat has put in place a campaign to make government offices accountable and good governance friendly.

Chhabi Lal Subedi, Assistant Chief District Officer and Information Officer, informed that the office has started disclosing all the information and message required for citizens through the official website in a simplified version.

“First we have initiated the effort to make improvement from district administration office itself”, he said, adding, “We are planning to expand the reforms agenda in all other government agencies”.

The national anthem is played at the office of district administration at 10.00 am. All the employees take part in the national anthem and then start performing their tasks.

Name plate of concerned employee has been put up at the door and coat of each employee (from assistants to Chief District Officer).

It was introduced so as to ease the service recipients to identify the concerned official and service delivery point and seek responses from them. The system that has been in effect since August 18 has eased the service recipients, he claimed.

Not being limited to own office, the DAO has initiated the campaign for good governance, transparency and accountability in all public offices of the district.

The DAO has issued 15-point directive for all government offices being operated under the domain of three governments.

The directive includes designating public information officer and disclosure of monthly expenditure details and work progress. According to the DAO Parbat, still some of the government offices in the district were found not having information office.

The DAO has made public the details of innovative works done so far since mid-June this year.

Kalpana Ghimire, Chief District Officer, said the campaign for transparency and good governance would help people to receive service in an effective and efficient way. “We have engaged our efforts to deliver public services to the district dwellers in an easier way”, she added.

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