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Locals conserve ponds to combat climate change effects

Published Date : August 28, 2019

Salyan, Aug 28: Folks of Siddhakumakh rural municipality-3, Salyan have initiated efforts for conserving ponds to allay growing effects of climate change. People have taken ahead the campaign for pond protection with growing dry-up of water sources.

Locals said they have put in place the campaign so as to protect water sources which are dying up due to effects of climate change.

Chhabilal Bohara, a local of Dandakateri, informed that they have intensified the campaign of pond construction for preservation of water, especially at higher areas of villages and community forests.

“With the dry-up of water resource, wild animals and birds are abandoning community forests here. Even people are also making up their mind to migrate to other areas in want of water. Hence, we are putting our efforts for conserving ponds to keep the underground water recharged and protect water sources”, Bohara added.

Local people have already dug out three ponds in Halogare community forests and this effort will continue, he said. Locals have initiated the campaign as pond construction at higher areas will help address water crisis.

Khim Bahadur Bohara, a local dweller, said the task of conserving water sources is also being undertaken simultaneously by mobilizing people’s kind labour from 75 households of the village.

“Ponds were constructed through Halogare community forest’s investment of Rs 140,000 and mobilization of people’s kind labour. It will help recharge water in the soil and address water woes, he said.

When the effects of climate change are getting frequent and intense and are manifested in dry-up of water sources, locals have laid high emphasis on the protection of water.

Shalikram Budhathoki, ward-3 chair, shared they have also repaired and upgraded old ponds which are being buried due to ignorance over the years.

“Ponds have been constructed at Halogare, Jaluke and Duiti Pokhari to collect water during rainy season. Besides, four old ponds have been repaired and upgraded”, he shared.

Budhathoki also informed that the number of people rearing cattle for livelihood is also gradually decreasing. “Now local communities are in the campaign of constructing ponds, the rural municipality would also join its hand to cooperate the move, he pledged.

The rual municipality has also appropriated annual budget for the protection of ponds in the current fiscal year, Budhathoki added.

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