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School closed for four days after 202 students suffer viral fever

Published Date : August 29, 2019

            Bhojpur, Aug 29: A school in the district has been closed for four days after 202 students fell sick due to viral fever.

            The Arun Secondary School located at Dingla has been closed for four days since yesterday, said a teacher Shree Krishna Bogati. Similarly, symptoms of viral fever have also seen among students of the Shadananda Secondary School, the New Summit Boarding, and the Sunrise Boarding School in the district.

            Bogati said they were compelled to close the school after the students started to fall sick one after another due to viral fever.

            Not only students but also the locals have fallen sick. Health coordinator of Shadananda municipality, Sundar Shrestha, said around 50 to 60 patients visit primary health centre every day.

            With the change in weather, around 15 patients suffering viral fever visit OPD of District Hospital, Bhojpur, every day. Dr Shivaji Rijal said the number of viral fever patients has increased due to consumption of contaminated water, low awareness of hygienic food and weather change.

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