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Lawmakers ask govt not to spare tax dodgers, not to panic common citizen

Published Date : September 8, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 8: “If you’re imposing tax, impose it on NCell, not on common citizen. Don’t spare tax dodging businesspersons, but don’t panic common citizen in the name of tax.”

It was what lawmaker Hridayesh Tripathi saying in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives.

Speaking at the special hour of HoR meeting today, Lawmaker Tripathi made aware the government that people were worried over high tax rate. Those dodging tax must be brought to tax net at any cost, he underscored.

He also complained about the recent decision of Supreme Court on the case relating to NCell capital gain tax.

Lawmaker Tripathi further demanded the government to make public the report of the investigation on public land in Kathmandu carried out under the coordination of Ram Bahadur Rawal in 2049 BS.

He argued that the report would make clear how much public land in Kathmandu was encroached. He also demanded the government that it made public the report of the Lal Commission.

Another lawmaker Binod Chaudhari observed that searching new measures for tax collection was government’s compulsion, but tax must be linked to country’s development and production.

Bhimsen Das Pradhan expressed serious concern over the use of national anthem before daily prayers at Pashupati Temple premises, reasoning that it belittled the value of national anthem.

“Chanting national anthem before prayers at temple and before viewing films at movie theatre has reflected panchayat era,” he criticized government move.

Moreover, other lawmakers demanded stringent action against those attacking a girl Muskan Khatun with acid while she was going to school in Birgunj on Friday morning.

They also demanded the government that it provided free treatment to her.

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