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Bhaktapur at high risk of dengue

Published Date : September 11, 2019

            Bhaktapur, Sept 11: The risk of dengue infection appears to be high in Bhaktapur. In a period of one week, 99 dengue patients have been identified in the district when the disease is taking its epidemic turn in many parts of the country.

            District Public Health Office, Bhaktapur’s officer Parthamani Neupane, said till this morning, 99 people were confirmed infected by dengue and the infection rate is increasing. 

            Every settlement, and schools are at high risk. Public awareness programmes about the disease are underway. He advised the public to manage pits, and not to let water collect in the surroundings as the mosquitoes transmitting dengue breed in these water-filled pits and drains.

Besides, waste management is necessary to reduce the risk of dengue infection by keeping these mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) at bay.            

The Bhaktapur municipality said 40 patients are from the municipality area. Orientation programme at the ward level and schools, sanitation campaign, spraying of phenyl and an awareness campaign through the door-door nursing programe have been launched to minimize the risk of dengue.

Same sorts of efforts are underway in Suryabinayak and Changunarayan municipalities as well.  

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