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HoR meeting: Demand to avoid joint military exercise

Published Date : September 12, 2019

            Kathmandu, Sept 12: Lawmakers on Thursday drew the government’s attention to curb the diplomatic exercises happening against country’s foreign policy. Speaking in the special hour of the House of Representatives meeting, they urged the government not to act against the policy of non alignment.

            Ruling party lawmaker Pampha Bhushal demanded the government to inform the parliament about the clarification said to be sought by the US Embassy to Nepal on Indo-Pacific Alliance. 

She sought response from the government relating to the news that the US Embassy’s concern on the discussion NCP Chairman Pushapa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ had with the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

“If the US Embassy asked government about former Prime Minister Dahal’s discussion with the Chinese Minister, it is against the diplomacy of a sovereign country. State must be aware to curb such overture” she underscored.

            She also demanded the government to stop the military drill said be held among the US army and Nepal’s Armed Police Force. At a time when the trade relations between the US and China were strained, Nepal must not stand on any side against its foreign policy of non-alignment. The panchasheel principles must be abided, she stressed.

            According to her, as Nepal was not in the Indo-Pacific Alliance, Nepal must not hold the joint exercise said to be held coming November at Annapurna Circuit and Kurintar.

            On the occasion, lawmaker of the major opposition Nepali Congress, Amaresh Kumar Singh, viewed that the country was facing difficulty because of the foreign policy mistake of the present government.  Both neighbours India and China needs to be behaved equally and Nepal must not be in any fold- neither in Indo-Pacific Alliance nor in BRI.

            Other lawmakers drew government’s attention on the growing dengue menace, black marketing and price hike in the wake of the festivals, relief materials needed to the flood survivors, and need of government’s move to make NCell pay tax.

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