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16-year-old gang-raped in Mahottari

Published Date : September 13, 2019

            Mahottari, Sept 13: A gang of four people raped a 16-year-old girl at Samsi rural municipality in Mahottari district. The rape took place one week ago, and it came to light later following a complaint lodged by the rape survivor’s family.

            The rape occurred in the evening when she was out for defecation in the open, said Superintendent of Police Shyam Krishna Adhikari.

            The four men pounced on the girl, gagged and took her to a paddy field and raped her taking turn, the rape survivor was quoted as telling to the police. Following the rape, she reached out to the villagers excessively bleeding and in a semi-conscious condition. She told about the rape when the villagers asked her what had happened.

            Two of the rapists are relatives of the girl and she does not know about other two, she said.

            The four rapists fled towards India following the rape, said police preliminary investigations.             A rape case has been filed against the rapists and a manhunt has been launched for them, said Adhikari.

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