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Parliamentary committee only regulates govt. works: Mahara

Published Date : September 16, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 16: Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Krishna Bahadur Mahara has asserted that although the parliamentary committees could keep an eye on the government undertakings, they could not control them.

At an interaction on parliamentary practices organized by Federal Parliament Secretariat at New Baneshwor in Kathmandu on Monday, Speaker Mahara shared that parliament had passed a resolution proposal, proposal of public important and attention proposal, and that he was hopeful that the government would pay attention towards them.

Pressing for the need for the parliamentarians to be aware about their responsibilities and duties, Mahara pointed out the need for every parliamentarian to link themselves with development endeavors to fulfill the promises made with the people during the election.

He also clarified that the ‘Q and A’ session was ongoing in the parliament where the parliamentarians could quiz the ministers and the Prime Minister about their works but given the health issue of the Prime Minister, the PM had participated in the ‘Q and A’ session only once so far.

Similarly, Deputy Speaker of the HoR Dr Shivamaya Tumbahamfe shared that a strategic plan was put in place to make the parliamentary practice more effective. The strategic plan also included capacity building of the parliamentarians.

Likewise, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly Sashilakala Dahal spoke of the need for the parliamentarians to pay attention to the technical aspect while presenting themselves in the parliament.

On the occasion, Nepal Law Commission Chairman Madhav Poudel had imparted training to the parliamentarians on zero hour, special hour and presentation while secretary at the Federal Parliament Secretariat, Dhruba Ghimire, gave orientation to the parliamentarians about role of ‘Q and A’ session in parliamentary regulation.

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