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197 confirmed with dengue fever in Bhaktapur

Published Date : September 19, 2019

Bhaktapur, Sept 19: The cases of dengue fever are on the rise in Bhaktapur, indicating that it is gradually taking an epidemic turn. In the past two weeks, 197 people have been diagnosed with dengue in the district.

District Public Health Office, Bhaktapur’s officer Parthamani Neupane confirmed that till Wednesday, 197 were found with dengue.

The district remains as one of vulnerable zones in view of dengue menace, according to him.

Office Chief Krishna Bahadur Mijar said dengue is going out of control in the district with high density of population. The first case this year was identified on August 25.

Most affected are from the Bhaktapur municipality area. People with fever are flocking to health institutes seeking dengue test. According to him, a search and destroy campaign is underway to stop further spread of the disease.

Water bits and bushes nearby houses and settlements provide a favourable condition for mosquitoes(Aedes aegypti) transmitting dengue to breed and he advised the public to manage pits, not to let water collect in the surrounding and remove bushes.

People have been advised to take other preventive measures against dengue such as the prevention of mosquito bite at day time, use of insectivores spays and proper waste management.

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