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Chinese development, resolution inspiring: PM Oli

Published Date : September 24, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 24: Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP), KP Sharma Oli, has observed that Chinese development, good governance, progress and resolution were inspiring for others.

“The Communist Party of China (CPC) has made a glorious history not only by leading the revolution but also by fulfilling people’s dream of prosperity,” PM Oli reminded.

In his address to the ideological training organized jointly by the foreign affairs department of NCP and CPC that began in Kathmandu on Monday, PM Oli observed that the CPC proved wrong the bourgeoisie argument that communists only lead revolution but fail in development.

The CPC braved nearly a century long up and down to come to this elevated stage, he said, adding that today’s unprecedented achievement in China was realized with the transformation of nearly seven decades following the establishment of People’s Republic of China.

PM and NCP Chairman Oli also extended best wishes to CPC Secretary General Xi Jinping on his endeavour and resolution to lift the people living in the rural areas of China out of poverty by 2020.

“I’m happy with the beginning of the discussion on ideological thoughts between NCP and CPC. I believe the discussion will be fruitful to exchange experiences on positive developments and challenges faced by these parties. It also fosters growing intimacy between the two parties,” he observed.

He further said China and Nepal are intimate friends for long. The friendship between the two counties is open, stable, and free of strains. “We respect each others’ interest and sensitivity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,” the PM said, adding that Nepal and China solve the issues emerged before them with mutual dialogue.

Nepal is firm on One China Policy.

Nepal does not allow its land to be used against China, he reiterated. “We’ve clear stand that the internal affairs of any country must not be meddled from outside on any pretext. We’re firm that no manuevre would be made against internal affairs of China as well,” he stressed.

Moreover, PM Oli appreciated that it is new state of affairs that China, despite being stable and strong country, has not involved in any untoward activities.

It has made the Chinese political system special and different from others.

Chinese just world order, peace, equality, co-existence, cooperative activism for future are manifested in its practices, he said, asserting that Jinping’s concepts of ‘towards a future of shared prosperity’ and ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ are further evident to this regard.

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