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Nepal being declared as open defecation-free nation

Published Date : September 27, 2019

            Kathmandu, Sept 27 : The government is preparing to announce Nepal as an open defecation-free nation on coming Monday. The announcement will be made through a programme scheduled at the National City Hall to express Nepal’s commitment towards the maintenance of adequate sanitation.

            Minister for Water Supply and Sanitation Bina Magar shared information about this at a programme organised today at Singha Durbar. As she said, the campaign against open defecation has now reached village levels and it is a significant achievement for the nation.

            “Despite challenges, people have become more aware of the importance of campaign and the awareness level is further increasing. People have spent remittance and some have managed funds by selling jewellery to construct toilets at their homes,” the Minister said.

            Secretary at the Ministry, Madhav Belbase, said the campaign had its long-term benefit and importance. He admitted that however change in people’s habit at once could not be possible and natural calamities like landslides and floods hampered the campaign.

            The campaign has been in force since 2068 BS. Kaski is the first district to be declared the open defecation-free zone.              According to Secretariat of National Sanitation and Hygiene Coordination Committee, almost all households in the country have now access to basic sanitation facilities and toilets. The Ministry said that 5,660,214 households have built toilets.

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