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State govt unable to work independently: CM Raut

Published Date : September 27, 2019

Parasi, Sept 27 : Chief Minister of State 2, Lal Babu Raut, has shared the plight that the State government was not able to work independently due to the federal government.

“Although the constitution has good provisions, federal government was not allowing the State government to work independently,” he complained.

At a cadres meet organized by the Socialist Party, Nawalparasi chapter, here today, CM Raut, who is also the party leader, viewed, “Some provisions in the constitution are exemplary to the world, but some need amendments. We’re for amendment.”

It was imperative to amend some provisions in the constitution by institutionalizing the achievements made so far, he said, making it clear, “However, we are not for burning constitution.”

He further said they did not organize celebrations on Constitution Day fearing the achievements could be risked.

“Constitution has ensured several rights. If the constitution was protested, it could result negatively,” he added, giving the reasons behind staying neutral on the Constitution Day.

CM Raut, however, claimed that the wave of development was spreading because of federalism. He defended that the Socialist Party was not ethnicity-based nor the regional one.

The CM also informed that his party would not merge with RJP Nepal.

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