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Nepal Communist Party makes stride: Prachanda

Published Date : September 27, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 27 : Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has assured that NCP’s activities would pick a pace now on since the unification process in the party was in the final phase.

At a programme organized by the NCP’s Liaison Committee to exchange festival greetings in Kathmandu on Friday, Chairman Dahal reiterated that the party would make headway to progress with the acceleration of its activities.

Dahal reaffirmed, “The NCP will no longer dillydally. We will intensify the pace. We will make every effort possible to forge unity in ideology and spirit among public and NCP cadres.”

According to him, the NCP has incurred a huge loss since the organizational members in the NCP were lying idle for a year.

He also warned those hatching conspiracy against the political achievement made after a long struggle of would not be spared.

Arguing that the country arrived at today’s state due to various communist movements spearheaded in the history of Nepal, he urged all the NCP cadres and leaders alike to chip in their utmost contribution for the best interest of the party.

Lauding the courageous decisions made by then communist leaders for the greater good of the country, Dahal asserted that their bold decisions had helped change the political face of the country.

The communist movements in Nepal had set an example to the world, Dahal argued, adding, NCP will not backtrack anymore. He dismissed the rumours surrounding rift in the NCP for the leadership role.

The Chairman said,”We have already risen above petty interests. Therefore there is no room for illusion since the ideologies embraced by the CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre have been accepted by the NCP following the unification.”

Likewise, NCP General-Secretary Bishnu Poudel termed the misleading publicity about the incumbent government as ‘insignificant’ one and warned those involved in badmouthing not to continue with such a thing.

Stating that some works of the unification process was left out and it would be completed in some days, he informed that the Liaison Committee will soon issue its directive.

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