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Himanikali becomes mother

Published Date : September 30, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 30 : Himanikali, a female elephant at the Elephant Breeding Center in Chitwan has given birth to a baby. The 14-year-old elephant gave birth to her first baby, a male, on September 23.

Childbirth in elephant species is considered important. According to center’s chief Budhan Chaudhary, last fiscal year the center had welcomed five elephant babies.

Gandaki, Tirthaman, Devi, Koshi and Simsarkali are expecting babies. The gestation period of elephant is 22 to 24 months.

Among those pregnant elephants, Simsarkali and Kaushikali are in Pyaridhap while remaining are in the center which is presently home to total six babies, three grown-up calves, seven adult females and five adult males.

There are a total of 61 elephants in the center, Sauraha, Kasara and other posts.

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