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NC parliamentary chief whip lashes out at government for nonchalance

Published Date : September 30, 2019

Janakpurdham, Sept 30 : Nepali Congress parliamentary party chief whip Bal Krishna Khand has accused the government of becoming indifferent when it comes to strengthening the federal democratic system.

Addressing a news conference organized by Nepal Press Union’s Dhanusha branch here on Monday, he said the government has become centre-oriented rather than people-oriented.

The chief whip of the main opposition party charged that although there was a two-thirds majority government in the country, the protection, development and governance system was in a state of limbo.

He further said attempts by the NCP-led government to bring the governance system like that of the neighbouring country China is against the Constitution of Nepal.

“The Nepali Congress objects to the activity of seeking to adopt the governance system of China in Nepal’s state system,” he said, describing this activity as a blow to the democracy and federalism.

The NC chief whip slammed the government which he said is in power on the bedrock of federal democracy of making ill attempt to restrict the free press, human rights, the Security Council and the citizen’s right to property by presenting in parliament bill that go against the spirit of the constitution.

Stating that the Nepali Congress would not allow any bill that go against the spirit of the constitution to move forward in parliament, NC chief whip Khand said the government’s attempt to make loopholes in the Acts and laws in a unitary manner is damaging to the country.

He reiterated that the Constitution should be revised so as to increase its ownership wherein the various communities including the people living in Madhes would own it.

The chief whip of the main opposition party also criticized the working style of the government leadership no different than that of the autocratic rulers Jung Bahadur Rana and former king Gyanendra Shah, adding that the government attacking on Gyanendra Shahi, an anti-corruption campaigner, is condemnable.

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