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NC expresses qualm over wordings in Mahara’s resignation letter

Published Date : October 1, 2019

            Kathmandu, Oct 1 : The major opposition party, Nepali Congress (NC) has expressed grave qualm about the use of ‘until the investigation’ in the resignation letter rendered by Speaker of House of Representatives, Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

            Asking for a full resignation from Mahara, NC lashed out that the letter had specified the period for the resignation. Organizing a press conference here on Tuesday, NC Spokesperson Biswa Prakash Sharma said that NC was saddened by the questions raised about Speaker Mahara.

            “Our stance is that the investigation should be forwarded impartially and in free and fair manner by relieving one from the responsibility. If investigation would take a year, should the alleged person be allowed to run his/her office for a year?”

            Arguing that since all persons are equal in the eyes of the law, he said, that this case should be forwarded abiding the laws.  Sharma was referring to the accusation of rape against Speaker Mahara and the resignation letter rendered by Mahara on moral grounds  ‘until the investigation’ on Tuesday.

Second phase of nation-wide awakening campaign successful

            On a different note, Spokesperson Sharma shared that the second round of ‘Himal-Pahad-Terai-Madhesh Nepali Congress National Awakening Campgain’ had ended on a high note.

             The campaign concluded on September 10. The campaign was launched in 330 province assembly constituencies. It was also shared that NC got 53,479 new cadres during this period. 

Merger with former Nepal Democratic Forum reaches conclusion

            Sharma shared that the NC’s central working committee convened on September 27 had given final touch to the unification between NC and then Nepal Democratic Forum led by Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar. Both democratic parties had entered merger on October 16, 2018.

Tea reception on Oct 13

            Likewise, spokesperson Sharma shared that NC is going to organize a tea reception on October 13 from 1-5 pm in the party’s central office at Sanepa, Lalitpur on the occasion of Dashain, Tihar and Chatt and Nepal Sambat.

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