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Misuse of Rs. 87 lakh social security allowance

Published Date : December 10, 2020
Sarita Khadka

DIKTEL, Dec 10: The Sakela Rural Municipality of Khotang district have misused Rs.87 lakh in a single year that was assigned for social security allowances. The staff of the municipality misused such amount by making fake documents in the names of those who have died, some have migrated and some are not.

The investigation committee formed under the coordination of Rural Municipality deputy chief Sarita Khadka has made public the report that Rs. 87,41,600 has been misused within the fiscal year 2076/77. The committee has submitted a report on the misuse of social security allowance to village Chief Arjun Kumar Khadka.

The report shows that Rs. 20,34,400 in Ward No. 1 Banjhe Chiyandanda, Rs. 12,28,000 in Ward No. 2 Ratanchha, Rs. 11,87,200 in Ward No. 3 Khidima, Rs. 22,87,000 in Ward No. 4 Mattim, and Rs. 20,48,000 in Mattim Birta was misused.

According to Sarita Khadka, the investigation committee found that social security allowance was distributed by setting up fake beneficiaries, using the name of a person from another ward and showing more than one name of the same person.

An investigation committee was formed under her coordination after the news came out that social security allowance was being misused.

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