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Dharmendra Bastola arrested from the gate of Supreme Court again

Published Date : February 22, 2021
Dharmendra Bastola, a leader affiliated to Netra Bikram Chanda 'Biplav' group, is seen in the premise of Supreme Court in Kathmandu on Monday, February 22, 2021. The Biplav group is engaged in armed struggle against the present system of governance. (Photo: ET)

KATHMANDU: Netra Bikram Chanda ‘Biplava’ group leader Dharmendra Bastola has been ordered to be released by the Supreme Court, but Nepal Police immediately arrested him from the gate of the Supreme Court.

A bench of justices Meera Khadka and Sushmalata Mathema on Monday ordered the release of Bastola while hearing a habeas corpus writ petition in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court has issued a habeas corpus writ saying that it would not be fair from the judicial point of view to keep Bastola in custody.

The Supreme Court has expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that a habeas corpus writ has been issued earlier and Bastola has been kept in custody till now.

The order also warns to take action for contempt of court in accordance with Article 128 (4) of the Constitution of Nepal and Article 17 of the Judicial Council Act, 2073 BS.

Despite the Supreme Court’s warning, the government has arrested Bastola again. Police arrested Bastola from the gate as he was about to leave the Supreme Court premises after his release.

Even before this, the police have been repeatedly arresting the leaders of the rebel groups in defiance of the Supreme Court’s order.

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