• Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Fire at Dobhan Bazaar of Taplejung, 35 houses destroyed

Published Date : March 2, 2021

TAPLEJUNG: A fire is raging in Meringden village municipality-3 of Taplejung and Dobhan Bazaar, the second largest market in the district. Ganesh Karki, a local, said that the fire broke out due to leakage of electricity from Bhola Poudel’s house at 10 am today.

At present, 35 houses have been completely destroyed by fire in Dobhan Bazaar. He said, “The fire is out of control. We are demolishing some houses and drawing fire lines.”

The firebrigade of Taplejung has reached the fire area and is also coming from the neighboring district Panchthar, said Chief of the District Police Office, Balaran Singh Rana. He said, “I am also going to the fire area. There are reports that the fire is fierce.” Karki informed that security personnel and locals were taking initiative to control the fire.

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