• Friday, 14 May 2021

Controversy in Karnali Province, CPN (UML) divided over provincial government

Published Date : March 17, 2021

BIRENDRANAGAR: The aftermath of the dispute in the CPN (UML) has reached the Karnali provincial government. One faction of the CPN (UML) has announced that it has withdrawn its support to the government, while another faction has said it will continue.

On Wednesday, CPN (UML) parliamentary party leader Yamlal Kandel convened a meeting of the parliamentarians, which was attended by 10 state assembly members from CPN (UML) affiliated to KP Oli’s group. Senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal’s group of nine state assembly members did not attend the meeting.

Twenty MPs were elected from the CPN (UML) in the state assembly.

After the meeting, Kandel told a news conference that he had decided to withdraw his support to the government. He also instructed the three ministers in the government to return.

But in the meantime, lawmakers from the Madhav Nepal group have said they support the government.

CPN (UML) MP Prakash Jwala, who is also the Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of the Karnali government, said that the meeting was held in the name of the CPN (UML) parliamentary party.

“We want to make it clear that the factional meeting is not in line with the prevailing laws, rules and procedures,” he said.

Jwala, an MP from the Nepal Group, also said that the UML still supports the government.

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