• Monday, 10 May 2021

Corornavirus infected person dies in Dhulikhel hospital

Published Date : March 26, 2021
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BANEPA (RSS): Coronavirus has been confirmed in a person, 62, of Dolakha district, who died in course of treatment at Dhulikhel Hospital, on Thursday.

He was admitted at the hospital for the treatment of pneumonia. According to the hospital, Coronavirus was conformed in course of carrying out test for the virus after his death.

The person of Bigu rural municipality of Dolakha district was admitted at the hospital on Wednesday night for the treatment of pneumonia and died on Thursday afternoon in course of treatment.

Chief of Emergency Department of the Hospital, Dr Sanu Krishna Shrestha, said that corona test result was positive as PCR test was carried out after the person’s death.

According to the Hospital, it has been continuously providing health services by adopting additional health protocols.

As per the COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Command Post, Kavre, 3,375 people were infected with Coronavirus in the district so far as well as 45 people including 14 women lost their lives due to this.

According to the Post, 23,635 people are administered with vaccine against COVID-19 in the district so far.

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