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Extreme cold troubles normal life, Snowfall in Chandragiri

Published Date : December 29, 2021
Snowfall in Humla on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. (Photo: Dane Bohora/RSS)

KATHMANDU: Normal life has been affected in Jajarkot, Rukum-West, Humla, Jumla, Dolpa districts with continued rain since last night.

Snowfall coupled with rain is still continuing in higher hills of Upper Dolpa, Barekot of Jajarkot and Aathbiskot municipality of Rukum-West.

Snowfall in Ghorepani of Myagdi, a popular tourist destination, on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. (Photo: RSS)

Telecommunications service has been disrupted in most of the areas with the snowfall. Normal life has been adversely affected due to immoderate drop in temperature, shared Jayakrishna Hamal, a teacher of Kumli School in Dolpa.

Snowfall in Chandragiri, Kathmandu. (Photo: Chandragiri Hills)

Locals said that it has been difficult to arrange feeds for livestock with halt in the collection of fodder due to dipping mercury. Teaching and learning activities have also been affected following extreme cold.

Continued rain has also troubled the transportation service in the area.

Likewise, Kathmandu valley people have witnessed rainfall today and hilltops of the valley have been found partly snow covered. In Chandragiri, a heavy snowfall have been witnessed and many people have been rushed to Chandragiri to enjoy the snowfall.

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