• Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Nepal achieves new milestone in vaccination against COVID-19

Published Date : February 3, 2022
Children above 12 years of age waiting for anti COVID vaccine in Dang (file photo)

KATHMANDU: Nepal has achieved a new milestone in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

Nepal has given full dose vaccine to 70 per cent people of the above 18 years age group.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also congratulated Nepal for achieving success in provinding full dose vaccination against COVID-19 to 70 per cent adult population.

“Congratulations Nepal for reaching another crucial milestone. 70% of the adult population (above 18 years) have now received a full COVID-19 vaccine course. Reaching 70% landmark is a collective success of Nepal and its partners, it demonstrates what is possible when we work together with solidarity and in coordination,” WHO tweeted today.

The government has launched a vaccination campaign across the country with the goal of vaccinating 100 per cent citizens over 18 years of age by April 13.

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