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Palpa sees boom in Dhaka textile trade

Published Date : October 28, 2022

Palpa: The Palpali Dhaka fabric has become the choice of both domestic and foreign visitors to Palpa with the product diversification in response to the desire of the consumers.

Apparels and articles made out of the Palpali Dhaka textile are sold in higher number as gifts and souvenir. The production of the Dhaka fabric was started from a single handloom in Tansen in 2015 BS.

Its demand is increasing over the years following the product diversification. “Before, Palpali Dhaka was understood only the Nepali caps, made of the Dhaka fabric, which were worn only by the males. Nowadays, different kinds of clothes for male, female and children are made out of this fabric,” said Gyanu Karki, who has been trading in Palpali Dhaka fabric in Tansen.

Karki added that a variety of apparels can be made for people of all ages from the head to the feet. The sale of Palpali Dhaka cloth has suddenly shot up during the Tihar festival. Its business had slumped due to the COVID-19 infection for two years.

The sale of Palpali Dhaka fabric has seen a rise this year, especially during the Tihar festival period, with decline in COVID-19 infection. There is a tradition of sisters gifting various goods and clothes made from Dhaka fabric to their brothers on the day of Bhaitika, the last day of the five-day Tihar festival, the second biggest festival of Nepal.

So the sale of articles made of Dhaka fabric has increased during the Tihar time as compared to other times. People in large numbers can be seen at Tansen, Rampur and other main markets in the district buying the Dhaka topi (cap), waist-coat, tie and bag for brothers and the Dhaka shawl, saree, kurta-suruwal and bags for sisters to be given as present for Bhaitika.

The price of a unit of Nepali Dhaka topi cap is in the range of Rs 100 to Rs 2,500. Twenty-four industries manufacturing the Dhaka fabric have been registered in Palpa district, the Cottage and Small Industries Office, Palpa said.

More than 5,000 people are employed in these industries. Pramila Karki, who has been involved in the Palpali Dhaka fabric business in Tansen, said that the a single cloth store’s sales of the Dhaka fabric is between Rs. 100 thousand and Rs 500 thousand in the period between Dashain and Tihar.

Dhaka fabric transaction in Palpa was worth Rs 100 million last year and it is expected to reach Rs 120 million this year.

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