• Monday, 2 October 2023

Chandra Bhandari returned home after his health improved

Published Date : May 1, 2023

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress leader and Member of Parliament Chandra Bhandari has returned home on Sunday evening after being treated at the National Burn Hospital in Mumbai, India.

During that time, he expressed his gratitude and thanks to the government of Nepal, leaders of various political parties and colleagues for supporting and helping him to survive.

Among the journalists in the special room of Tribhuvan International Airport, leader Bhandari mentioned that he was happy that the Nepalese government had decided to build another burn hospital on the same day he went to India for further treatment and said that he also wanted to lead the construction of that hospital. He also appealed to everyone to help in the construction of the hospital.

MP Bhandari, who is also a member of the House of Representatives, said, ‘We have come from a big tragedy. However, 110 Nepali brothers and sisters have lost their lives due to burn in Nepal so far this year. I also lost my mother Harikala Bhandari in the accident. I just found out that my mother passed.  Many young people have lost their lives. This is our sad side. Friends, as we have developed technology. Electricity reached villages, gas reached villages. However, according to that, we did not put in the curriculum how we will teach. Even if I was a victim of it, how would it have happened to others? We should give general knowledge on such matters. Because we talk about big things, do not talk about small things, and do not look at small things, such accidents are happening in every place today. None of my friends told me that he would live. Only 3 people who went on ventilators survived in these three years. I was able to come to you alive. I have increased my power because of your good wishes, good wishes, inspiration and goodwill. That’s why I got this opportunity to live.”

After his health improved, he returned home to receive treatment. He was injured due to a LPG gas leak three months before. Leader Bhandari’s mother, who was injured in the same incident, died during treatment.

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