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‘Parliamentarians responsible to make quality laws and enforce them’

Published Date : October 2, 2023

Kathmandu, Oct 2: Leader of CPN (UML) Amrutadevi Agrahari has said that the only responsibility of parliamentarians is to develop quality laws and monitor their implementation.

In a dialogue with RSS, MP Agrahari said, “As a representative of the people, as a federal MP, our only responsibility is to make quality laws in the country and try our best to implement them.”

The local level and the province are mainly responsible for development, hence it is not appropriate to be involved in matters that do not fall within our jurisdiction, she said.

Agrahari said that even after 10 months of the elections, except for one bill, the government has not given necessary attention to the matter of law making.

The main responsibility of bringing business to the House and introducing the bill lies with the government.

Stating that the government and the ruling parties are not taking the opposition seriously in the parliament, she said alleged that the issues of good governance, development and prosperity sought by the people through elections were overshadowed because of it.

MP Agrahari also expressed her full support to the court’s decision regarding the MP Development Fund, as she said that the main responsibility of a member of parliament is to focus on making the laws of the nation.

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