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CAAN announces Rs 10 million assistance to quake survivors

Published Date : November 6, 2023

Kathmandu, Nov 6: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has announced a monetary aid of Rs 10 million to the earthquake survivors in Jajarkot and Rukum West.

A meeting of the CAAN on Sunday decided to deposit the assistance amount to the Prime Minister Disaster Rescue Fund, according to CAAN Spokesperson and Deputy Director General, Jagannath Niraula. 

Furthermore, the CAAN has declared a total discount on airport charges for flights dedicated to providing relief assistance from Nepalgunj, Surkhet, Rukum Salle, and Chaurjahari airports.

The earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale at 11:47 pm on Friday, with its epicenter in Jajarkot, resulted in significant casualties and property damage in these districts of the Karnali Province. So far 157 have been confirmed dead in the quake.

NRCS, Kaski extends helping hand to quake survivors

Kaski, Nov 6: The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) Kaski has ensured a monetary assistance to the survivors of the recent earthquake in Jajarkot and Rukum West.

According to the NRCS, Kaski, it has dispatched a sum of Rs 100,000 for each survivor in both districts. The Society has urged all its bodies, members, staff and volunteers to join hands in assisting the survivors.

            Similarly, the Gandaki Province government and the Pokhara Metropolis have also extended financial aid to address the immediate needs of the survivors.  The province government had previously pledged Rs 10 million in aid and send a medical team led by Dr Bikash Gauchan to the affected area. The team has already started its works. 

Furthermore, the local government has announced financial aid amounting to Rs five million for the affected areas and has dispatched a medical team to provide assistance to those in need, it is said.

NA Committee seeks total utilisation of State’s resources in response to quake

Kathmandu, Nov 6: The Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee under the National Assembly (NA) has issued directives to the government to fully utilise the State resources in response to the earthquake that struck Jajarkot and Rukum West on Friday night.

It wants the government to spare no effort in ensuring prompt rescue and free treatment of the injured and the rehabilitation of those affected by the disaster.

A meeting of the Committee on Sunday instructed the government to implement a one door policy to respond the quake consequences, according to Committee secretary Dr Rojnath Pande.

Furthermore, the meeting has called upon both domestic and foreign donor agencies as well as the State bodies, institutions and the entire citizens to extend helping hand to those who are in need in the aftermath of the disaster, according to Committee Secretary Dr. Rojnath Pande.

The earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale at 11:47 pm on Friday, with its epicenter at Ramidanda of Barekot rural municipality in Jajarkot, resulted in significant casualties and property damage in these districts of the Karnali Province. So far 157 have been confirmed dead in the quake.

Ten local levels in Baglung prepares to visit quake survivors with monetary aid

Galkot (Baglung), Nov 6: Ten local levels in Baglung have decided to make a collective financial contribution of Rs three million to the support for the earthquake survivors in Jajarkot and Rukum West.

According to Baglung Municipality Mayor Basant Kumar Shrestha, four municipalities have pledged a monetary aid of Rs 375,000 each, while six rural municipalities have announced Rs 250,000 each to assist the quake survivors in the Karnali Province.

Baglung’s Chief District Officer, Khagendra Prasad Rijal said the local governments, business community, the Nepal Red Cross, Baglung, the Rotary Club of Baglung and other others are preparing for visiting the affected areas with the monetary aid and other relief materials including the medicines.

Meanwhile, the Barbordiya municipality in Bardiya has said it will be assisting Rs 525,000 to those affected by the disaster.  The executive meeting of the local government on Sunday agreed to release the sum from its Disaster Management Fund, as said by its chief administrative officer Tikanath Gosai.

NC reschedules Mahasamiti meeting for mid-December

Kathmandu, Nov 6:The Nepali Congress (NC) has decided to postpone the schedule of its Mahasamiti meeting by two weeks. The postponement is attributed to the Friday’s earthquake in the Karnali Province and the availability issue of a meeting hall.

During the NC central executive committee meeting on Sunday, it was decided to reschedule the meeting from December 15 to 18 this year. The meeting will be held at the Godavari-based Sunrise Convention Centre in Lalitpur. Initially, the event was set to take place from November 29 to December 1.

The party has adopted the policy of suspending all formal events till the Tihar festival, considering the quake’s impact in western Nepal, it is said.

In the meantime, the meeting decided to draw the government’s attention towards the urgency to expedite its rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts in the quake-hit areas, acknowledging the efforts made so far.

Likewise,  the meeting said the monetary assistance of Rs five million announced by the party for the survivors is not sufficient and has urged the party to secure more aid for them. It also called for forming a committee to monitor and facilitate the relief distribution by ensuring that there are no irregularities in the process.

Ghorahi Sub-metropolis announces monetary aid for quake survivors

Ghorahi (Dang), Nov 6: The Ghorahi Sub-metropolis in Dang has decided to assist Rs 1.5 million for the cause of the recent earthquake survivors in Jajarkot and Rukum West, the districts in the Karnali Province.

A meeting of the municipal executive meeting on Sunday took a decision to this effect.  The funds is to be obtained by deducting one day’s remuneration from 1,366 individuals who include local representatives, teachers, healthcare professionals, and administrative staff,  according to the local government.


Lawmakers face criticism for not ‘prioritising’ legislative affairs: Magar

Kathmandu, Nov 6: House of Representatives (HoR) member Rana Kumari Balampaki Magar is not happy over a sluggish progress in regard with the enactments of laws in the House. “We continue to face criticism for not ‘giving’ much priority to our legislative duties,” she said while talking to the RSS under its regular series the ‘RSS with the Lawmaker’.

However, she insisted that the government is the authorised body to allocate sufficient business to the House. “It’s not solely the lawmakers’ responsibility to expedite procedures and formulate necessary laws.”

According to the CPN (UML) member in the lower house, the distribution of seats among political parties in the House and the need to maintain a triangular power balance have posed challenges to stable politics. Priorities of political parties to gain and maintain power have often overshadowed important issues such as the prevention of corruption, price hikes, and irregularities.

She believes that as lawmakers, their primary responsibility is to contribute to the formulation of laws and ensure the smooth progress of parliamentary proceedings. “As legislators we are not supposed to create a situation affecting the parliamentary proceedings including the progress in regard with a bill due to lack of a quorum.” She added that each lawmaker should be much cautious of the given roles and responsibilities.

Magar who was born in Okhaldhunga and later moved to Sindhuli, admits that people expect their representatives to facilitate community development, based on the commitments made during election campaigns. She took time to say that none of the projects she proposed were included in the budget, possibly because she did not actively pursue them with government ministries.

Accurate information about society and the contemporary world, thorough preparations, strong performance, and meaningful experiences working with people can create opportunities for anyone, according to Magar who says “As a woman, she has so far faced no significant gender-based discrimination within her party.”

She believes that misunderstandings among political parties can hinder the nation’s development efforts and emphasizes the importance of understanding their roles and responsibilities as lawmakers. She underscores the need for professionalism in their legislative performance.

In her evaluation, the existing electoral procedures are costly and they pose challenges for combating corruption and promoting good governance.  She is of the view of discontinuing the practices of mass meetings and unnecessary events during election campaigns and transitioning to a digitalized election campaign to reduce costs. She advocates for reforms in the electoral system.

Magar is also concerned over limited opportunities for vocational and applied education at home that has, as she said, forced many to seek career opportunities abroad. “The government is expected to promote agriculture to retain the youth workforce within the country, discouraging their migration in search of employment.”

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