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Temporary earthquake monitoring station set up in Bajhang

Published Date : November 10, 2023

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: A temporary earthquake monitoring station has been set up in Chainpur, the headquarters of Bajhang district, with the frequent occurrence of earthquake in Sudurpaschim and Karnali provinces in recent times.

            The National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Centre, Lainchaur said the temporary earthquake measurement centre was constructed in Bajhang after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake with its epicentre at Chainpur struck Bajhang on October 3.

            Seismologist at the Centre Dr Mukunda Bhattarai said that with the construction of the temporary earthquake measurement centre at Chainpur, now there are 43 earthquake measurement stations throughout the country.

            The first seismological station of the country was set up at Phulchoki Hill, Lalitpur 43 years back in 2037 BS.

            Seismological monitoring stations were constructed at 20 at-risk places of the country with assistance of various countries after the April 25, 2015 Gorkha earthquake. After 2015, the Government of Nepal set up earthquake monitoring centres at 10 places with assistance from China, at eight places with the assistance of Japan and at two places with support from Thailand.

            Seismological monitoring stations have been constructed in Jhapa, Udayapur, Sankhuwasabha, Solukhumbu, Rasuwa, Lamjung, Mustang, Dolpa, Bajura, Darchula, Sindhuli, Bara, Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Syangja, Myagdi, Kapilbastu, Rolpa, Mahottari and Dang districts at present.

            Only 22 earthquake monitoring centres were in operation in Nepal before the Gorkha earthquake. Senior seismologist at the National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Centre, Dr Lok Bijaya Adhikari said it would now be easier to monitor even the small intensity earthquakes with the construction of the monitoring stations throughout the country.

            The Centre at Lainchaur and the National Earthquake Monitoring Centre at Surkhet have been providing information regarding the earthquake from across the country at present.

Expecting mothers, new mothers and senior citizens to be prioritized     for relief distribution operation: PM Dahal

            Janaki (Banke), Nov 10: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that women, children, senior citizens as well as expecting and new mothers would he highly prioritized in distribution of relief packages for the quake-affected ones.

            PM Dahal shared so while talking to journalists when leaving for Rolpa Nepalgunj in Banke district to inaugurate a motorable bridge. Dahal asserted that the government had left no stone unturned for relief distribution to the quake affected people in Jajarkot district.

            It may be noted that an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale jolted Jajarkot on November 3, leaving scores of fatalities and causalities.

            “The government has accorded top priority to women, children, senior citizens as well as new and expecting mothers for distribution of relief materials,” reiterated the Head of the Government, adding that the relief distribution operation was being undertaken on a priority basis.

            On the occasion, Province Assembly member of Lumbini Province Namuna KC requested the PM to consider inaugurating the administrative building at Narainapur in Banke as well as a Hospital in the same district while he was here to which the PM responded in affirmation.

Alliance to move ahead according to consensus: NC leader Singh

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Prakash Man Singh assured that the current ruling coalition, formed to safeguard the constitution, would move forward according to the agreement among the coalition partners.

            At a programme organized at Shobha Bhagawati in Kathmandu to commemorate the 109th birth anniversary of late leader Ganeshman Singh, also known as Iron Man, leader Singh said that the country was progressing as per the agreement among the coalition partners.

            Singh further asserted, “The foundation of the alliance is strong. Everyone knows why this alliance is needed. The current coalition was formed due to unconstitutional dissolution of parliament.”

            Furthermore, the leader observed, “The current coalition was formed since the constitution promulgated under the leadership of the Nepali Congress was under attack.”

            Recalling the annulment of dissolution of parliament by the Supreme Court after achieving the majority in the then parliament due to the current coalition, he admitted that the incumbent government was running as per the agreement of the alliance formed during the last parliamentary election.

            He pointed out the need for all the political parties to be active to strengthen the federal democratic republican system established by the struggle of the people.

            The Nepali Congress leader emphasized coordination among the three-tier government to make public service delivery more effective. “It is imperative to coordinate efforts among the three-tier government through the implementation of the Federal Democratic Republic.

            On the occasion, leader Singh, also the son of late leader Singh, as well as the NC cadres garlanded the statue of late Singh.

Police caution against going to crowded places carrying valuable           articles

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The Kathmandu Valley Police Office has cautioned against venturing into crowded places carrying valuable articles.

            The KVPO has also suggested keeping special precaution while going into crowds like this in view of the high chances of theft.

            Issuing an 11-point advisory in the context of the festivals including Tihar, the KVPO said one can keep away from many such incidents like theft, looting etc by taking precaution. KVPO issued the public appeal for strengthening the law and order, and public safety during the Tihar, Nepal Sambat and Chhath festivals.

            Police warned against organizing or participating in gambling or dice games involving monetary loss and gain.

            KVPO spokesman, Senior Superintendent Dinesh Raj Mainali, said police teams have been mobilized for keeping special watch for checking activities mainly exploding fire-crackers, smuggling, violence, theft and gambling.

            Similarly, surveillance has been increased through the Traffic Police to control unwanted activities in the transport sector as well during the festivities.

            In the appeal, KVPO has warned against transporting explosive articles like fire-crackers and fireworks, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs and not to eat anything offered by strangers.

            Police have also advised people not to go in crowds carrying with them cash, expensive articles, jewelries and pricey mobile sets, to confirm that doors and windows are securely closed while going out of house or shops and as far as possible install locks with sirens.

            Likewise, KVPO reminded people to inform their neighbours and local police if one has to go out from home or shops for long duration, to make payments through digital technology as far as possible, to keep one’s mobile bank OTP secured and to not to update one’s personal and travel information on social sites.

Treaty of Commerce with India renewed without amendment

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The Treaty of Commerce with India has been automatically renewed. Although Nepal had been calling for renewing the treaty with amendment since long, ultimately it was automatically renewed without any amendment. 

            Joint-Secretary at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Ram Chandra Tiwari, said the commerce treaty with India has been automatically renewed in accordance with the provision stipulating that the treaty has to be renewed every seven years.

            “Although the topic of amending and revising the treaty had been raised, it could not be addressed this time. However, it can be amended in between. We are preparing for the Commerce Secretary level meeting of the two countries and this issue can also be raised at that time,” Joint-Secretary Tiwari said.

            Stating that the Transit Treaty between Nepal and India had been amended in between, he said the Treaty of Commerce could also be amended in the middle in keeping with this concept.

            The Treaty of Commerce which was inked in 1978 was last amended in October 2016. The treaty is renewed in every seven years and it was not amended last time as well. It drew criticism from the trade and commerce experts and business community at that time also after the treaty was renewed without any amendment.

            India is Nepal’s largest foreign trade partner and so Nepal has a huge trade deficit with India. The topic of amending the commerce treaty had been coming up since long time back to address this trade deficit problem.

            Former Commerce Secretary Chandra Kumar Ghimire said that Nepal is facing various problems in the foreign trade sector as this treaty remains to be amended or revised since long.

            Ghimire said Nepal had initiated the process for amending the treaty in 2018, but it was stopped in the middle, and the treaty has been automatically renewed this time also without any amendments, which is not in Nepal’s interest.

            “Nepal should have opted for a new treaty, concluding the negotiations with India at the earliest. This not happening is not in our national interest,” the former Commerce Secretary said, adding that the talks between all bilateral mechanisms is on hold since the last one or two years.

            According to him, the talks should not have been put on hold like this and it shows that we are not ourselves aware on this.

12-       Dr Panta selected to The World Academy of Science and Technology

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: Prof Dr Hem Raj Panta, a chemist from Nepal, has been nominated as a Fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) on behalf of South Asia. TWAS is a world-class academic institution of science and technology.

            Dr Panta will get an opportunity to elect and get elected representing in the Academic Assembly of the international organisation in the capacity of its life member, it is stated. The organisation currently has around 1,400 Academic Members.

            Dr Panta is the Chief of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, the Tribhuvan University. He has been nominated as the Fellow on behalf the least developed country on the basis of evaluation of the study and research, and publications that he has done in his area of knowledge.

            Panta is also the president of Nepal University Teachers Association, Pulchowk Campus chapter.

            Before this, Prof Dr Dayananda Bajracharya, Prof Dr PK Jha, Prof Dr Bishalnath Uprety and Prof Dr Bijaya Panta have been nominated as TWAS Fellow from Nepal.

            Dr Panta said that this important responsibility that he has got on behalf Nepal will help motivate the development of science and technology sector in Nepal.

            TWAS, with its head office in Italy, was founded in 1983 under the leadership of Nobel laureate physicist from Pakistan Abdus Salam with the objective of exchanging skills and knowledge in science and engineering realms.

Quake-damaged Jajarkot Palace crying for preservation

            Jajarkot, Nov 10: Having endured a devastating 8 magnitude earthquake in 1990 BS, the Jajarkot Palace was lately hit by another powerful quake last Friday. The quake was measured 6.4 on the Richter scale. This is the third time the palace endured earthquake since its establishment in 1852 BS. Known as ‘Seto Durbar’ or The White Palace, the edifice was reconstructed after being damaged in previous two earthquakes.

            The palace has been enlisted on the top 100 tourist destinations of the country identified some years ago by the government. The earthquake once again posed a risk to the history of the district, a tourist destination, adding to the challenge for its protection, said Chief District Officer Suresh Sunar.

            “The palace, which has been destroyed twice, is still facing the same risk. The palace must be preserved to conserve the history of the district. When Jajarkot was a state, it was rebuilt with labour donation by the people. Now it is not easy to rebuild it timely,” he said. In 1990 BS, the palace was completely destroyed by an 8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal and India. Over 8,500 people died in the quake. However, there were no data on human casualties in Jajarkot. The people of Jajarkot regard the earthquake ninety years ago as a powerful calamity that damaged the palace.

            This palace was built in 1852 BS in the elevated part of the area during the time of then the Jajarkoti king Indra Narayan Shah.

            Before the palace was built, there was a red palace in the area built by King Hari Shah in 1825 BS. This palace is also now used as the government office. The red palace previously housed the District Development Committee and the Agriculture Development Bank. Following the introduction of federalism, the palace houses the District Coordination Committee office.

            Twenty seven years after the construction of the red palace, finding it necessary to build more physical structures to run the state, King Indra Narayan built another palace, said Rajendra Bikram Shah, an expert on Jajarkot palace history. The Jajarkot king ordered people to donate their labour for the construction of the palace. He had fixed certain days for the people to donate their labour. There is no exact data on how many floors the palace had during the reign of King Indra Narayan.

            “Some people say that the palace had seven stories, most of them claim that it had only five floors,” he said. Engineers from the Newar community were called from Bhaktapur for the reconstruction of the palace. “Looking at the art and form of the window, it seems that the palace was built in the original form. But now, many of its original forms do not exist. The government is blamed for its inability to preserve it.”

            The palace underwent earthquake damage for the second time in 2045. The western part of the palace (which was called Paschim Nal) was damaged by the 6.9 Richter scale earthquake that year with Udaipur as its epicenter. It was reconstructed in 2051. Although the palace was destroyed by the quake, there was no human casualty, he said.

            Seven kings after Indra Narayan ruled from the palace before its damage in the earthquakes. The last king to rule from this palace was Prakash Bikram Shah. Before Indra Narayan, the Jajarkoti kings ranging from Hari Shah to Gajendra Narayan Shah ruled from the red palace. Since 2017, government offices have been running from both the palaces.

            After Prakash Bikram, the subsequent kings had stopped living in that palace since 2017. In 2017, Jajarkot King Prakash Bikram sold the palace to the Government of Nepal for Rs 60,000, it has been said. After that, it was converted into government property, said Shah.

            “This palace is very important in terms of history and archeology. The palace has become the main tourist destination of not only Jajarkot but also entire Karnali Province. It should be restored to its original form with earthquake resistance so its originality, history and archeological importance are conserved.”

            As its history will be erased when it continues housing government offices, the district administration office should be moved from the palace building after constructing a new building, he argued.  Along with the palace, other historical houses built in the same style were destroyed in the latest earthquake as well.

            The old physical structures built around the palace were also destroyed by this earthquake.

Committee formed for recommending TU Vice Chancellor

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: A three-member committee has been formed for recommending names for appointment to the vacant post of the Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University.

            Minister for Education, Science and Technology Ashok Kumar Rai is the coordinator of the recommendation committee.

            Prime Minister and Chancellor of Tribhuvan University, Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ formed the committee with Secretary Suresh Adhikari and Chief of TU, Department of Buddhist Studies, Dr Chandrakala Ghimire as its members, according to the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

            The post of TU Vice Chancellor had fallen vacant after Vice Chancellor Dr Dharma Kanta Baskota’s term terminated on November 4.

Indian lyricist Sameer to be felicitated in Kathmandu

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The renowned Indian lyricist, Sameer Anjaan, would be feted in Kathmandu.

            Lunkarandas-Ganga Devi Chaudhary National Academy for Arts and Literature and Lyricists Association of Nepal are jointly going to honour Sameer on coming November 18.

            The sexagenarian lyricist has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the Most Prolific Bollywood lyricist ever having composed a staggering 3,524 different songs as of 2015.

            Sameer, whose official name is Shitala Pandey, has penned over 4,000 songs for over 650 films by far. He forayed into musical career in 1983. Many of his songs, featured in Bollywood movies, are very popular among the Nepali music aficionados.

            Sameer’s creations such as ‘Pradeshi Pardeshi’, ‘Tum Pasa Aaye’, ‘Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai’, ‘Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gum’, ‘Mujhe Nid Na Aaye’, ‘Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Main’ among others are very popular both among Indians and Nepalis.

            Academy’s Chairperson Megha Chaudhary observed that it was a pleasure to honour the famed lyricist Sameer in Nepal.

            Similarly, Association’s Chairperson Basanta Bityashi Thapa said that the Association aimed to encourage songwriting. Echoing with Chaudhary, Thapa asserted that felicitating the world renowned lyricist as Sameer in Nepal would be a matter of pride for the Nepali artistes.

PM Dahal inaugurates bridge in Rolpa

            Rolpa, Nov 10: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ inaugurated the newly-built concrete bridge over the Thawang river at Thawang Rural Municipality in Rolpa district amid a function here today. The motorable bridge is 169 metres in length.

            On the occasion, the PM assured the local people that the Martyr Road would be blacktopped, the medicinal herbs processing project implemented and electricity expanded in all areas of Rolpa district.

            Similarly, addressing a rural municipality-level party training session organised at Thawang, PM Dahal pointed out that the Maoist was somehow weak due to splits and divisions, and the process of unification has started to make it stronger.

            “The unification of the Maoist faction will begin soon. It will materialise soon as the party is close to the Communist Party of Nepal led by Biplab,” he added.

            PM Dahal is scheduled to inaugurate the newly constructed building of Rolpa Hospital.


NHRC to remain open in Tihar and Chhath holidays

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The central, provincial and province branch offices of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) will remain open during the Tihar and Chhath festival holidays. The offices will remain open from 11 am to 2 pm during the festival holiday, it is said.

            NHRC spokesperson Dr Tikaram Pokharel said as in the previous years arrangements have been made to open the offices on the day of Tihar and Chhath holiday also keeping the protection of human rights of the general public in mind.

            According to Pokharel, the NHRC will register complaints related to human rights violation and excesses and also carry out emergency monitoring on cases of serious nature as per the need during this period.

Rolpa symbol of revolution, peace: PM Dahal

            Rolpa, Nov 10: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said Rolpa is a symbol of revolution, peace, construction and reconstruction.

            Inaugurating the building for Rolpa Hospital today, he said although it is lagging behind in terms of development, Rolpa, the centre of changes lately, is gradually entering the mainstream of development.

            Rolpa, the district that was crawling in the field of infrastructure and education in the past, is now taking up the pace of development, said the PM.

            Stating that although the hospital is well-equipped and modern, there is a lack of workforce and other resources, he said he would coordinate with the Ministry of Health and Population for the management of human resources for the hospital shortly after he reached Kathmandu.

            “During my visit to China, an agreement was also reached on the project relating to fruits and medicinal herbs. This project would be implemented in Rolpa.”

            The newly constructed hospital building at Reugha of Rolpa Municipality-2 has 50 beds. Prior to that, the PM also inaugurated the newly concrete bridge over the local Thawang river in Rolpa.

NHRC urges to make relief distribution operation more effective

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government and concerned authorities to make the distribution of relief packages effective and efficient.

            In a press statement issued by Commission’s Spokesperson Dr Tikaram Pokharel here today, the NHRC drew the attention towards carrying out post-quake relief distribution operation further effective by providing food and shelter to those hit hard by the recent earthquake.

            It may be noted that an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter Scale jolted Jajarkot district on November 3 leaving scores of casualties and fatalities and incurring a huge loss of properties in the district itself as well as its neighbouring districts such as Rukum (Paschim), Salyan, Dailekh and Jumla among others.

            The Commission, in the press statement, said that there should be an arrangement for safe shelter, warm food, water and toilets for those rendered homeless due to the quake.

            “The Commission urged for the effective coordination among the three-tier government for prompt and effective relief distribution to the quake affected ones as well as to protect them from the potential risk of communicable diseases ad epidemics,” read the statement.

            According to the Commission, the Commission, during the on-site visit of the quake hit places, had found out that there was lack of smooth coordination among the federal, provincial and local level government as well as the District Disaster Management Committees.

            The Commission has appreciated the active efforts of the all three governments, political parties, human rights defenders and civil societies in rescue and relief operation. It commended the free and effective treatment of the injured ones.

            The Commission also found out the quake affected women and children were still living in state of fear and the menstruating girls and women were facing grave inconvenience for maintaining menstrual hygiene due to the lack of proper toilets.

Vice President Yadav announces to donate one month’s salary   amount for quake victims

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: Vice President Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav has announced that he will donate an amount equal to his one month’s salary for the earthquake victims in Jajarkot and Rukum West. The donated amount will be deposited to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund.

            Similarly, experts and advisors at the Vice President’s Secretariat will donate amounts equal to their 15 days’ salary, and chief personal secretary and assistant personal secretary or employees with the equivalent post donate amounts tantamount to their seven days’ salary.

             Personal undersecretary and officers or employees with the equivalent post will donate amounts equal to their five days’ salary, and gazetted officers or employees with the equivalent post will donate amounts equal to their three days’ salary.

Kanchanpur district bans plastics

Bedkot (Kanchanpur), Nov 10: The district administration office, Kanchanpur has banned the use of plastic weighing less than 40 micron. It has also banned the sale and distribution of the plastic made garlands.

In response to the increasing use of garlands made up of plastics during the festivals and programmes, the district administration banned its use, according to assistant chief district officer Dharma Raj Joshi.

He argued that flowers, garlands and bouquet made up of plastics are used rife, resulting into pollution and affecting market of flowers produced by the local farmers.

Issuing a notice on gazette on July 28 early this year, the government banned the production, import, storage, sales and distribution of plastic bags weighing less than 40 micron. In line with this, the local administration took this decision.

Inter-caste couple provided Rs 100 thousand as incentive

Mugu, Nov 10: Chhayanath Rara municipality of Mugu district has provided Rs 100 thousand as incentive to an inter-caste couple.

The newlyweds who are provided incentive are Devi Krishna Kami, 25, of Charapgoan from Chhayanath Rara-10 and of Ranjita Budha, 24, of Libra from Soru rural municipality-4.

The 12th municipal assembly of the municipality had decided to provide monetary incentives to the inter-caste couple.

Municipality Mayor Bishnu Kumar Bham informed that they had taken the decision to provide incentives to the inter-caste couple in a bid to reduce caste discrimination. He also suggested other local levels to follow suit.

Pokhara Metropolis, USAID sign agreement for tourism development

Kaski, Nov 10: An agreement has been made between Pokhara Metropolitan City (PMC) and USAID for the development of tourism in Pokhara.

The agreement was reached on technical consultancy for development of tourism, agriculture and information technology in Pokhara. As per the agreement, USAID will provide technical consultancy for two years.

PMC is facing challenges to address the problems in tourism and among related entrepreneurs, especially after the COVID-19. For addressing the problems, the USAID consultancy would extend support.

The agreement was signed by PMC Mayor Dhanraj Acharya and project chief at USAID, Agnes Luz.

Orientation, investment forum, marketing and publicity would be incorporated as part of the programmes for tourism development, according to Mayor Acharya.

French trekker dies

Rasuwa, Nov 10: A foreign tourist died after falling off a cliff during trekking in the mountainous region of Rasuwa district on Thursday.

The dead one was 68-year-old French national Patrick Jean Marie Moul, according to Deputy Superintendent of Police, Subash Budhathoki.

Moul was severely injured while trekking at Lumthang, a way to reach Kyangjen, Gosaikunda. He had embarked on trekking via Trinetra Trekking Agency.

The foreign trekker was rescued by the security persons mobilized at Langtang area.

Moul who was rushed to Kathmandu for treatment via Fishtail helicopter but he breathed his last in the flight, according to police.

The locals here have suggested the travel and trekking companies to provide guide to the senior trekkers and tourists for their safety.

UK King Charles expresses grief over quake devastation in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nov 10: King Chares of the UK has expressed sadness over the earthquake devastation in Nepal.

The British Embassy in Nepal informed that King Charles sent a message to President Ram Chandra Paudel and expressed grief over the loss of lives and property in Jajarkot earthquake.

“My wife and I were deeply shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic loss of life, and the damage and devastation caused by the earthquake in western Nepal on November 3,” the King said.

The King further stated in the message, “Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the people of Nepal at this difficult time, and we wanted to extend deepest sympathy and condolences to all the bereaved families and affected communities.”

King Charles also assured British government’s readiness to support and respond to Nepal’s need at this difficult moment.

Jajarkot earthquake: Disaster brings daughters’ deaths, dashes family’s dream

Karnali, Nov 10: Gorakh Singh and Shova Singh from Jiri of Barekot Rural Municipality-4 in Jajarkot are left in gloom with the earthquake that claimed the lives of their two daughters.

Their daughters- Upasana and Urja- died in the midnight quake of November 3. It has been almost a week since the tragic incident, but the Singh couple is yet to return normal- runnel of tear continues.

Upasana was 21-year-old and Urja 18-year-old. They had been living in Nepalgunj, a city in the southern plain, in recent times, but were in the village for Dashain and Tihar festivals.

In the night of the disaster, both Upasana and Urja were staying at their auntie’s (mother’s sister) home. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake killed both of them along with sister (auntie’s daughter), Merina RC, 25.

The eldest daughter Upasana was the fifth semester student at Everest Engineering College of Lalitpur. She had a dream of further education abroad and return to Nepal to serve the Karnali hamlets, where people are deprived of access to information technology. Not only her dream got dashed, but herself crushed in the debris.

Similarly, younger daughter Urja had completed Grade 12 from the Saint Thomas English Secondary School, Nepalgunj. She was also planning for medical education.

Urja was all set to fly to Australia in the last week of this December.

Although she made through an entrance exam for higher study at a private medical college, she did not like to burden the parents. She had realized well that her parent could not afford huge amount required for her medical study, so she opted for abroad.

On the other hand, the Singh couple was prepared to afford for realizing the dreams of their daughters at any cost: One daughter an IT engineer and another doctor. They were collecting money to manage their higher study. “All things- hope and dream, life and luck- perished in earthquake,” Singh couple was univocal, exuding utmost despair.

Those coming to Singh’s house to pay tribute and extend condolences are also shocked to see the bright images of Upasana and Urja placed at the gate, but sheer absence.

“Baba! The voice coming from a corner of house resonates on my ears,” father Gorakh wails.

Similarly, spouse Shova said, “Life turned listless. I see my daughters standing before me as I wake up in the night, but I can’t embrace them. Then, there is no option but to cry and mourn.” She wished none faced such tragedy in life.

The Singh couple also had the dream- daughters with higher education becoming able workforce for the country. Reality turned ugly that the disaster brought the deaths, a callous moment to their lives.

The departed ones were honest and had good understanding of parent’s problems, the couple reminds.

Meanwhile, Merina was also a civil engineering graduate from College of Engineering and Management, Nepalgunj. She was awarded scholarship from Pokhara University.

One-door policy in place for relief distribution to quake-hit areas, Govt. spokesperson says

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said distribution of emergency relief assistance in the recent earthquake-affected areas in Jajarkot and Rukum Paschim districts is taking place through a one-door policy in coordination with the local levels.

            Speaking at a press meet at the Ministry on Friday, Sharma who is also the government Spokesperson said the lead role of the local government has been sought in the relief distribution as per the spirit of the federalism. 

            “The relief and rescue efforts are ongoing as per the directives of the Prime Minister he issued upon reaching the affected areas the following day of the November 3 earthquake,” she added. Grievances regarding the government response to the disaster have been considered seriously and the distribution of relief materials is taking place on the need basis, according to the government Spokesperson.

             As she said, it is unimaginable for the government even to think about favoritism in distribution of relief assistance to the earthquake survivors. She also took time to say that those physical properties reflecting the Nepali unique architect and cultural heritages would be accorded priority during the reconstruction of the damaged structures.

            The November 3 earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale with its epicenter at Ramidanda of Jajarkot has so far resulted in over 150 casualties and more than 300 injuries, including the casualties in neighboring Rukum Paschim.

SC to conduct hearing during Tihar holidays as well

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The hearing on petition related to the Habeas Corpus would be carried out from the Supreme Court (SC) during the Tihar festival holidays as well, the SC stated.

            The SC would remain open from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm from November 12 till Tihar festival holidays except the day of Bhai Tika, November 15. As per the notice issued by the SC Administration on Friday, the hearing of petitions of Habeas Corpus would be carried out in accordance with the Article 26 of the Administration of Justice Act, 2073.

SC to conduct hearing during Tihar holidays as well

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: Major General of Nepali Army (NA) Tara Dhowj Pandey has resigned from his post on Friday. According to NA Spokesperson Krishna Prasad Bhandari, Pandey’s resignation letter has been sent to the Defence Ministry from the NA Headquarters.

Nat’l football team to play Nepal Vs UAE match announced

            Kathmandu, Nov 10:  A national men’s football team to play Nepal versus the United Arab Emirates (UAE) match under the FIFA World Cup and AFC Asian Cup Joint Qualification has been announced.Nepali National Football Team head coach Vincenzo Alberto Annese on Friday announced the 23-member squad   to play the match.

            However, experienced defender Anant Tamang who was injured during a practice match has not been included in the team. Nepal will meet the UAE in the Al Matoum Stadium in Dubai on November 16.  Similarly, on November 21, it will face Yemen at Dashrath Stadium, Kathmandu. Nepal, the UAE, Bahrain and Yemen belong to the Group ‘H’ of the FIFA World Cup 2026 and AFC Sian Cup 2027 qualifier’s second round.

            In the first round of qualification, Nepal secured its position in the second round by defeating Laos. Kiran Kumar Limbu, Deep Karki, Abhishek Baral, Sanish Shrestha, Rohit Chand, Anjan Rai, Ashish Chaudhary, Amrit Shrestha, Eric Bista and Chhiring Lama are the players to play against UAE. Likewise, the team also includes Yogesh Gurung, Laken Limbu, Utsav Rai, Kritish Ratna Chhunju, Manish Dangi, Sesehang Angdembe, Nishan Hamal, Anjan Bist, Ayush Ghalan, Gillespye Jung Karki, Hisub Thapaliya, Sanjeeb Bista and Rajesh Pariyar.

Govt. to build three cricket stadiums under National Pride Project


            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The government has decided to build three under-construction cricket stadiums as the national pride projects. A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on November 10 took this decision, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma said on Friday at a news conference at the Ministry.

            As decided by the cabinet meeting, the Biratnagar Cricket Stadium, Mulpani Cricket Stadium and Bharatpur Cricket Stadium shall be developed as the national pride projects now.

Likewise, the cabinet meeting has directed the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation for the implementation of the recommendations submitted by an expert panel on construction of an international standard airport.     

            Minister Sharma said that the cabinet also decided to provide salary of a month of the Prime Minister and ministers for the rescue and relief operation in the earthquake affected communities in Jajarkot and Rukum Paschim districts.

            Similarly, Chief Secretary of Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of Sudurpaschim Province Narayan Prasad Sharma has been transferred to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies while Dr Hari Prasad Lamsal has been posted as the Chief Secretary of Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of Sudurpaschim Province.

Govt. to establish Nepali Embassy in Portugal

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The government has decided to establish its embassy in Portugal and recommended Shanil Nepal for the ambassadorial position. Similarly, the government has approved the concessional loan of around Rs 13.26 billion to be received as the budgetary assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), said Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma.

            A meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Thursday took the decision to give approval for acquiring six Bigha and eight Kattha land in Tarai and three Ropani land in hilly region for different offices under the Armed Police Force Nepal.

            Also the Spokesperson of the government, Sharma shared that the cabinet gave permission to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Basanta Bahadur Kunwar and Additional Inspector General (AIG) of the APF Nepal Banshi Raj Dahal to participate in the INTERPOL General Assembly scheduled to be held in Vienna of Austria from November 28-December 1.

            The meeting amended the guidelines relating to the rescue and relief of the earthquake survivors. Minister Sharma mentioned that the cabinet meeting gave permission to Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizen Surendra Acharya to participate in ‘International Conference Advancing the Right and Empowerment of Women’ to take place at Baku of Azerbaijan. 

            Likewise, a decision was made to approve the Memorandum of Understanding related to Youth and Sports between Nepal and Qatar. The meeting also decided to send National Planning Commission Member Dr Jay Kanta Raut in “Concretizing Actions Towards Agri-food Systems Transformation’ taking place at Bangkok of Thailand from December 6-8.Similarly, the cabinet meeting approved the Social Sites Operational Guidelines, 2080 BS.

IFRC scales up aid efforts in response to Jajarkot Earthquake

            Kathmandu, Nov 10: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has launched an emergency appeal for 5 million Swiss Francs to scale up relief and response efforts of the Nepal Red Cross Society. 

            Since the disaster hit, the Nepal Red Cross Society’s (NRCS), with support from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and its partners, have been working with local authorities. They are supporting search and rescue operations, providing first aid, psychosocial support, ambulance services and immediate relief assistance to those affected, the IFRC said.

            Immediately post the earthquake, IFRC allocated CHF 775,395 from its Disaster Response Emergency Fund (DREF) to support the affected families. In-country Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies and partners have also pledged their support in this crucial time.

Herve Gazeau, Programme Coordinator IFRC and spokesperson said, “The Nepal Red Cross Society has been on the ground since the first day.

            They are delivering critical emergency services and relief support in the impacted districts that are rather difficult to access in the mountainous areas, with support from IFRC and its partners. As we are racing against the time and with a sense of urgency to reach the most vulnerable, the IFRC is making an appeal to support the earthquake-affected families, especially given the arrival of winter in Nepal.” 

            “IFRC and its partners pledge their continuous support to the NRCS throughout the process as they work to assist the affected families in the region,”  he said. Nepal Red Cross Society is working closely with Nepali authorities, using its established relationships, to speed up aid delivery. Current efforts include distributing essential items like tents, blankets, and mattresses, and preparing for any urgent blood supply needs in hospitals. The emotional well-being of those who have lost loved ones is also being addressed through psychosocial support by Nepal Red Cross Society volunteers and response teams.

            Currently, immediate assistance is underway, yet thousands of affected families remain in open spaces with no alternate shelter and in fear of another tremor. With the onset of winter, relief shelters and essential warm items have become imperative.

              Last Friday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck western Nepal just before midnight, causing significant damage and distress. The tremor, centred in Ramidanda, Jajrkot district of the Karanali Province, is the most recent in a series of seismic events affecting the region this year. It is estimated that 38,000 families have been affected by the earthquake, including approximately 30,000 homes destroyed or damaged, the IFRC stated.

Communications Minister insists on right use of social sites

            Patan (Lalitpur), Nov 10: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has expressed her concerns over the ‘growing cyber abuse’, insisting on the responsible use of social media in the present era of information technology.  

            “The present era is the period of information technology. The right use of social platforms can be a boon and offer opportunities for income generation while their misuse hinders our quality development.  The misuse of social sites has increased and children have been primarily the targets of it. Bearing all these circumstances in mind, the government has already endorsed a directive to systematise the social sites,” the Minister said.

            Addressing a programme organised by Phulchowki Secondary School at Godawari Municipality-14 in Lalitpur, the Minister urged the school management to come up with a proposal for technological assistance needed for the school. She also pledged to facilitate to enhance infrastructures and educational development in the school.

            Citing that the Constitution has ensured free education up to grade 12, the government Spokesperson underlined the need of collective efforts to create an atmosphere in which all could have an access to quality education. Godawari Municipality Mayor Gajendra Maharjan said the local government was focused on improving the quality of community schools.

Gandaki’s Chief Minister, CPC Tibet’s Secretary Junzheng meet 

            Gandaki, Nov 10: Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Raj Pandey, and visiting Secretary of Communist Party of China (CPC), Tibet Autonomous Region, Wang Junzheng, held a meeting on Friday.Welcoming the CPC Tibet’s Secretary at the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers in Pokhara, Chief Minister Pandey wished for the success of Junzheng’s Nepal visit. 

            He expressed the belief that the CPC Secretary’s visit to Gandaki Province and Nepal would further strengthen bilateral relations as well as help in tourism promotion of Pokhara.

On the occasion, Pandey urged Secretary Junzheng for extending support to open the check points along the Nepal-China borders that are connected with the districts of Manang, Mustang and Gorkha in Gandaki Province.

            He mentioned that Gandaki Province has expected Chinese support in construction of physical infrastructures towards Nepal in Korala check point, construction of two-lane fast track linking Korala-Pokhara and construction of 100-bed hospital in Tanahun. Requesting for operation of regular direct flights from Lhasa, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other Chinese cities to Pokhara International Airport, the Chief Minister stated that it would help in trade, tourism and people to people contact between the two countries. 

            Similarly, Secretary Junzheng shared the plan to open the Korala check point from November 13. Mentioning that he was committed to operating direct flights from different cities of China at Pokhara International Airport, the CPC leader pledged to send a group of technicians to study this issue. Likewise, Secretary Junzheng extended his invitation to Chief Minister Pandey for a Tibet visit.

‘People’s trust towards cooperative should be promoted’

            Patan (Lalitpur), Nov 10: Speaker Devraj Ghimire has expressed the view that country’s economy should be built by boosting people’s trust and attracting them towards cooperative sector. At the 29th annual general meeting of Lalitpur District Saving and Credit Cooperative Association on Friday, Speaker Ghimire said the state has given priority and importance to this sector.

            “The state has adopted the three-pillar economic policy giving importance to public, private and cooperative while promulgating the Constitution in 2072. Cooperative sector has become the medium to create equal opportunity among all people in country’s economy,” he stated.

            Saying that the cooperative organizations have reached the remote areas even where the national-level banks have not established their branches, the Speaker praised the roles of cooperatives for making a robust national economy by ensuring access to financing to the community people.


Tihar festival begins from today


            Kathmandu, Nov 10: Tihar, the second largest festival of Nepali Hindus is beginning from today. Also known as Yam Panchak, the festival is observed for five days. The first day of Yam Panchak is observed as Kaag Tihar by feeding crows, regarded as messengers in Nepali society. The second day is Kukur Tihar — the day is observed worshipping dogs. The third day is Gai Tihar and Laxmi Puja worshipping cows and Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.

            The fourth day of Tihar is known as Goru Puja — worship of oxen, while the fifth and the final day is Bhai Tika — the day when brothers receive Tika from their sisters. However, people from the Newari community celebrate the fourth day of Yam Panchak as MahaPuja — worship of own soul. The auspicious hour for Bhai Tika this year is 10:51 am on November 15, according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.

            Tihar is also known as the festival of lights. During the festival, people decorate their houses with colorful lights, flowers and oil lamps. They celebrate the festival eating various delicacies, including sweets and sel roti. Playing deusi-bhailo and worshipping various animals and birds are significant aspects of this festival. The government has announced public holiday starting from Laxmi Puja to the following day of Bhai Tika from November 12 to 16.

President, Vice President, PM extend best wishes on Phalgunanda Jayanti

            Kathmandu, Nov 11: President Ramchandra Paudel, Vice President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ have extended their messages of best wishes on the occasion of the 139th birth anniversary of Phalgunanda, a religious leader of the Kirat community. In the separate messages of best wishes on the Phalgunanda Jayanti, they said the teachings of Mahaguru Phalgunanda for social reforms by leaving social superstitions are exemplary in each period and the society.

            In the message, the President said Phalgunanda was a social reformer despite his identity as a leader of the Kirat religion. “May the celebrations of the Phalgunanda Jayanti inspire all of us to nurture patience within the self and contribute to the promotion of social goodwill, non-violence and social reforms,” the Head-of-the-State said.

            The Vice President said ideologies of Phalgunanda and the path he followed are not only significant for the Kirat religion and culture, but also they provide equal guidelines to the entire Nepali society and other religious communities as well.

            The Prime Minister stated that social reformer Phalgunanda has contributed significantly to the identity and protection of the Kirat religion and cultures. Underlining the need of following his teachings, the Prime Minister said social and cultural essence of Phalgunanda’ssocial reforms are relevant to all religions, communities and societies.

            The birth anniversary of national luminary Phalgunanda is specially observed in the districts of eastern Nepal including Panchthar, Taplejung, Ilam and Jhapa.

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