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Kathmandu Metro to organize Information Technology Conference

Published Date : December 19, 2023

Kathmandu, Dec 19: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is going to host an Information Technology Conference in coming Nepali month of Chaitra.
The conference, for which exact date is yet to be set, is aimed at rendering easy, convenient and technology-based public services to the KMC residents, said Nabin Manandhar, Spokesperson at the KMC.
Spokesperson Manandhar shared that the major agenda of the conference is to seek means to connect innovation, newest technology and newest thinking through the conference and how to rope in youths, stakeholders and international communities.
“The KMC must devise policies, plans and programmes in order to institutionalize the achievements gained by the KMC as well as to be A responsible, transparent and responsive government and to adopt new innovations,” asserted the Spokesperson.
He added, “The recommendations collected from the conference and the summary would help formulate policies for the KMC to provide technology-based public services to its residents.”
The conference would promote digital inclusiveness in policy-level, in governance and community thereby ensuring its reach to the social sector, private enterprises, industries and commerce sectors.
Interactive workshops among the specialists and stakeholders would be held during the conference who would exchange their ideas and knowledge on leverage the technologies to optimize operations and create efficiencies, it was shared.
Furthermore, various power-point presentations and discussions will be organized on the topics surrounding technologies employed by the government for good-governance and public service delivery, access of IT among the service-seekers and interrelation among the government, stakeholders and public offices and use and expansion of IT among others.
The event would serve as a platform for networking among the IT professionals, entrepreneurs, youths and government mechanism, the organisers have said.

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