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Ruling coalition prioritizes good governance: Minister Gurung

Published Date : December 19, 2023

Malekhu, Dec 19: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhanraj Gurung, has said good governance is the first priority of present government. Anyone involved in corruption would not be spared, he warned.

During a sports competition held at Jwalamukhi rural municipality of Dhading on Monday, Minister Gurung viewed, “Various maneuvers are realized now- some are targeting to topple government, while some others challenging entire system. But, we, who fought for the present achievements should pride on system by correcting leaders.”

On a different note, he informed that government was bringing new laws to wipe out aberrations and irregularities. Once other ministries forward bill on good governance, law ministry is forced to work on it, he said, seeking cooperation from others to bring new laws that help tackle present problems.

Prosperity possible thru collective efforts: CM Karki

Biratnagar, Dec 19: Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Kedar Karki, has said collective efforts would help create jobs and foster entrepreneurship so that economic development could be realized.

Releasing a book on ‘economic and commercial outlook of Khosi Province-2023’ published by FNCCI Koshi Province here Monday, CM Karki viewed once there is harmony between the investments made by the public and private sectors, available resources would be used optimally. It finally results into economic development and prosperity, he underscored.

According to him, province government is ready to create investment friendly atmosphere by identifying the areas of competitive advantages to increase domestic and foreign investments. He however sought utmost coordination and collaboration between private and public sectors.

Moreover, the CM shared that the government was for advancing activities that create foundations for economic progress and prosperity.

It is imperative to have data on economic situation and its potentials so that evidence-based plans are possible, he reminded. He hoped that the data generated by FNCCI Province chapter would be useful to formulate economic plans and projects in the province.

On the occasion, Koshi Province chapter chair of FNCCI, Rajendra Raut, informed that the data prepared by FNCCI on province’s industry, trade and tourism will be very helpful to the government and entrepreneurs as well.

Ambulance worth Rs 2 million handed over to health post

Birgunj, Dec 19: A health post located at Lipanibirta of Birgunj Metropolis-21 has been provided an ambulance.

The Himalayan Distillery provided the ambulance to the health facility.

The vehicle was handed over by former minister and lawmaker, Pradip Yadav, amidst a programme organized at ward office on Monday. He provided ambulance’s key to the health post.

On the occasion, former minister Yadav observed that it was appreciative to have assistance provided by industrialist. It is a pious social service, he added.

General Manager at Himalayan Distillery, Nabin Kumar Upadhyay, informed that the ambulance worth Rs 2 million was provided to the health post so that the patients would be convenienced to receive health service.

Security persons provided training to curb smuggling

Kimathanka (Sankhuwasbha), Dec 19: The security persons here have been provided training on curbing smuggling.

A five-day orientation for the security persons began to upgrade their skills to check well vehicles so that the smuggling with use of vehicles could be minimized.

Deputy Superintendent of Police at District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha, Ghanashyam Shrestha, informed that the orientation and training were begun for equipping police persons to inspect vehicles effectively. They are taught to find false buttons on vehicles.

The smugglers are adopting furtive measures to escape security checks of late. Practical sessions were held to find out how clandestinely the smuggling operates with the use of vehicles.

The cases of theft, burglary and smuggling are increasing. So, the training would be helpful to curb these crimes. The special training provides additional skills and knowledge on dimension of crimes as illegal trafficking of goods and use of vehicles on it. The event is organized jointly by District Police Office, Sankhuwasabha, and Manaram Motors.

Handicraft fair makes transaction of Rs 20 million

Kathmandu, Dec 19: The handicraft fair that ran from December 14 to 18 in the federal capital made transaction of Rs 2o million.

Information to this was shared by the Nepal Handicrafts Federation. The fair was organized to promote international market of Nepali handicrafts.

The fair had the participation of province, district handicrafts association, and commodity associations with various products including jewelry, cotton cloths, pashmina, leather products, natural fibres, and bamboo items.

There were nearly 120 sales stalls in the event which also aimed at fostering commercial relations between the national entrepreneurs and importers of handicrafts. The fair gathered the entrepreneurs, handicrafts importers and consumers together.

On the occasion, Minister for Industry at Bagmati Province, Ram Krishna Chitrakar, viewed the handwork products have contributed well to national economy and earn foreign currency as well. As it helps develop entrepreneurship and creates jobs, it must be protected and expanded, he underscored.

The Federation shared that Nepal is exporting handicrafts to over 60 countries. Total market of the handicrafts is worth Rs 24 billion, while nearly 1.1 million people are involved in this sector. Nepal is exporting handicrafts of Rs 12 billion in a year.

One year since business, parliament fails to satisfy: Lawmaker Bairagi

Gandaki, Dec 19: CPN (UML) leader Damodar Paudel ‘Bairagi’ has accused the government of concentrating powers of all organs of State- executive, legislature and judiciary- against the principle of separation of power.

“All three organs of State must be independent. Media is regarded as the fourth estate,” he viewed, expressing worry, “The government, however, is acting in a way it would function on behalf of all other organs.”

According to him, the government has interfered with judiciary and dragged president into controversy. Activities of both the government and parliament are dismal, and he was not satisfied with the performance of government and parliament.

The House of Representatives (HoR) member Bairagi further said he had realized that the executive overtook in some of the cases like release of the inmate imprisoned over serious crime, which was against the spirit of court verdict.

Elected to the HoR from Kaski constituency no 3, Bairagi had entered communist politics since student age.

He joined the communist party with his affiliation to CPN (ML) in 2039BS. He was born at Salyan village of Kaski district in 2023BS. He was associated with Nepal Trade Union Federation for a decade from 2045BS, while served as a fulltime member of the CPN (UML) from 2055BS to 2076BS. Since 2070BS, he is district committee secretary of the party in Kaski.

Bairagi as a HoR member for the first time is gaining new experience. He has showed sheer dissatisfaction over the one year performance of parliament. He said hardly two to three bills were passed and even the bills for amendments did not get through.

According to him, adequate discussions and debates with stakeholders is imperative before forwarding the bills to the parliament. Quality bill is ensured only after rich discussion on it, but it eludes.

Moreover, the government has flatly ignored the activities on the street and parliament which are against constitution. “The issues emerged during the election of President and Vice President should have been taken seriously and addressed accordingly,” he regretted and wondered it went unheard.

Even in the implementation of law, the government is lackadaisical. It did not create atmosphere to prepare law to regulate information and communications sector.

The conflict victims are desperately waiting for justices but the inaction on transitional justice draws equal concern. A generation of conflict victims has lost hope of getting justice now, Bairagi rued.

Frantic cry for good governance is constant, resulting into exodus of youths. Creation of atmosphere to retain youths is essential to prop up national economy, according to him.

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