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Karnali introduces Animal Welfare Standards-2080

Published Date : December 31, 2023

Karnali, Dec 31: The Karnali province government has introduced the Animal Welfare Standards 2080.

The Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives has enforced the standards as per the norms and spirit of the Animal Health and Animal Services Act, 2055, to ensure animal welfare. It recommends adopting of good production practices, proper management of animal breeding among others.

Speaking at a discussion held to promote the use of the standards that came into force on December 20, secretary of the ministry, Narahari Prasad Ghimire, said that the provincial government has introduced the standards to promote good practices in animal husbandry sector.

Dr Ghimire also urged the animal traders to implement the standards to ensure that there is no cruel behavior during animal rearing, transportation or sale.

Sneha Shrestha, president of Sneha’s Care Lalitpur, said that the standards issued by the Karnali province government will help in increasing the production of animal and poultry products, increasing hygiene, reducing extreme cruelty on animals and improving overall animal welfare.

The standard includes the right to prevent animals from hunger, thirst and malnutrition, to protect them from fear, panic and stress and to prevent physical cold and heat discomfort, and to protect them from pain, injury and disease, while respecting the right to live with normal natural behavior.

Managing Director of Nepal Farmers Advisory Council Pvt. Ltd. Dr Bimal Kumar Nirmal said praised the province government for recognizing the long-standing campaign to establish animal welfare.

02-       Jagadish Memorial Award to Kafley

Manthali (Ramechhap), Dec 31: The Jagadish Memorial Award has been presented to writer Madhav Kafley.

The Jagdish Ghimire Foundation honoured Kafley with Rs 51,000 and a certificate of appreciation at a function held to mark the late Ghimire’s 10th Memorial Day.

On the occasion, professor Tulsi Diwas discussed the contribution of Ghimire.

Social activist and writer Jagdish Ghimire passed away on Kartik 14, 2070 at the age of 68. He has Lilaam, Sabiti, Sakas, Antarmanko Yatra to his credit with Antaraman ko yatra winning the Madan Puruskar.

On that occasion, most of the writers discussed the contribution of Jagdish Ghimire in the field of literature. `

03-       Festivals help maintain national unity, says Gandaki chief

Gandaki, Dec 31: Chief of Gandaki province Prithviman Gurung has said that religion and culture play an important role in maintaining national unity.

In a message of best wishes on the occasion of ‘Tamu Lhosar’, a festival observed by the Tamu (Gurung) community today, he said that such festivals help increase goodwill in Nepali society while inspiring everyone to protect their religion, culture, customs and traditions. It also helps strengthen national unity.

Stating that the Gurung community is celebrating the Tamu Lhosar festival today bidding goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year with joy and fervour, Provincial Chief Gurung has expressed his belief that the festival would provide inspiration to all to build a civilized, cultured and progressive country by enhancing the sense of mutual trust and solidarity.

The festival is being celebrated with enthusiasm mostly in Gurung majority districts like Lamjung, Gorkha, Tanahun, Syangja, Kaski and Parbat.

04-       Temporary parapet for maiden Ilam Gold Cup

Fikkal (Ilam), Dec 31: A temporary parapet of bamboo is being constructed for the international invitational First Ilam Gold Cup football tournament to be held at the local Tundikhel in Ilam headquarters.

The tournament is being held from coming January 20 to 27. A temporary parapet is being made using more than 3,000 bamboos, said Prakash Ghimire, the secretary of the organizer, Redhorse Football Club. The temporary parapet has the capacity to accommodate about 4,000 spectators.

With the construction of the temporary parapet, the preparations for the Ilam Gold Cup have reached the final stage. Around one million rupees has been spent for the upgrading of the ground and construction of parapet.

Eight teams including the ‘A’ division clubs from Nepal and clubs from India are participating in the Gold Cup tournament, along with the host team, according to the chair of Redhorse Football Club Sange Yolmu.

The Gold Cup winner will also walk home with Rs 500,000 in cash while the runner-up will get Rs 300,000.

05-       Tamu Lhosar preserving religion and culture, says Deuba

Kathmandu, Dec 31: Nepali Congress President and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that Tamu Lhosar celebrated by the Tamu or Gurung community as a new year has been inspiring everyone to protect their religion, culture, customs and traditions.

In a message of best wishes on the occasion of the festival today, he has said that such festivals help increase goodwill in Nepali society.

Leader Deuba has also wished all the sisters and brothers of the Tamu community living in the country and abroad good health, long life and continued progress.

06-       Chief of Bagmati extends greetings on Tamu Lhosar

Makwanpur, Dec 31: Chief of Bagmati Province, Yadav Chandra Sharma, has extended best wishes for the happiness, peace and prosperity to the brothers and sisters of the Tamu community living in the country and abroad and to all Nepalis on the occasion of Tamu Lhosar, the festival of the Gurung community.

In a message of best wishes on the occasion of Tamu Lhosar today, Chief Minister Sharma said that unique festivals of the country including Lhosar help unite the Nepali society and in building a cultured society.

Cultures related to human civilization should be promoted: Unified Socialist Chair Nepal

Kathmandu, Dec 31: CPN (Unified Socialist) Chair Madhav Kumar Nepal has said conservation of the indigenous culture of all communities in the nation contributes to promoting social unity and further strengthening of national integration.

In a statement he issued on the occasion of the Tamu Lhosar, the cultural festival of the Gurung community, today, the former Prime Minister said the preservation of traditional festivals observed by various caste and ethnic communities would help unite the Nepali society and build a civilized society.

The CPN (Unified Socialist) Chair has stressed on the need of various communities to preserve their respective unique cultures and festivals in a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-cultural nation.

Wishing for happiness, peace, prosperity and progress of all Nepalis within the country and abroad, Chair Nepal underscored on building an equitable and cultured society by ending all sorts of discriminations, anomalies and evil practices existing in society.

08-       All arrested during Balkumari demonstration freed

Kathmandu, Dec 31: Police have released 73 people who were arrested in course of the demonstration held at Balkumari of Lalitpur last Friday.

They were taken under control during the demonstration organised demanding they be allowed to fill up the form for the Korean language examination to go to Korea through the Employment Permit System (EPS), and they have been released, said Deputy Inspector General of Police Kuber Kadayat, the Central Police Spokesperson.

According to the Police Spokesperson, all those taken into custody in course of the demonstration have been freed. “All those arrested during the demonstration have been released and a decision taken to not to file case against them,” he said.

Police had apprehended them and kept in custody on the charge of torching the vehicle of Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Prakash Jwala and damaging physical property.

Sujan Rawat, 23, of Mahabu rural municipality-6, Dailekh district and Birendra Shah, 22, of Chaurpati rural municipality-1, Achham district, died in clash with police in course of the demonstration.

The government has decided to provide Rs 1 million each to the families of the deceased as relief support.

09-       FNJ archives 58 cases of violations of press freedom in 2023

Kathmandu, Dec 31: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has assessed 2023 as a challenging year for the promotion of press freedom and freedom of expression. Instances of violations against these freedoms increased this year compared to the previous year (2022).

In a press statement issued on the eve of the English New Year 2024, the umbrella organization of journalists reported 58 cases of violations, up from 53 in 2022. Likewise, 13 women journalists, 74 male journalists, and five media organizations in 2023, compared to 18, 132, and six, respectively, in 2022, were affected by such incidences.

The FNJ has identified labor or professional insecurity as a major issue in the media sector, committing to finding durable solutions through improved legal provisions in 2024.

Furthermore, the FNJ notes that even political figures and individuals in government positions were involved in making false accusations against the press and media in 2023. The FNJ urges political parties and those in public posts to maintain professional decency and remain committed to the right to freedom of expression and opinion, a free press, and the democratic rights of citizens.

The umbrella organisation of Nepal’s journalists has observed a slow progress in the formulations of communications laws and acts in 2023, drawing the government’s attention to promptly proceed ahead with those drafts prepared with the involvement of FNJ.

As the organisation said, it continues to caution federal, provincial, and local governments to consider the rights to freedom of expression and opinion, right to communications, full press freedom, and other fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution while formulating communication-related laws.

FNJ General Secretary Roshan Puri calls on the entire political parties and the government to take the matter seriously and ensure a strong legal mechanism to promote the exercise of the free Press and the freedom of expression and opinion.

10-       Matatirtha and Phakhel-Pharping road to remain closed for two months

Makwanpur, Dec 31: The Matatirtha and Phakhel-Pharping road sections in the Indrasarobar rural municipality of Makwanpur are closing for vehicular traffic for a two-month period for upgrading works.

The Kulekhani-Humane-Phakhel section and the Humane-Matatirtha section, which serve as an approach road to Teku in Kathmandu, will be inaccessible until February 28, starting tomorrow, according to the Indrasarobar rural municipality.

To mitigate the inconvenience for commuters, alternative routes have been arranged during the closure period. Deepak Chapagain, the information officer for the rural municipality, suggests using the Hetaunda-Bhimphedi-Kulekhani-Sisneri-Dakshinkali route and the Kulekhani-Markhu-Chitlang-Thankot route as alternatives for travel.

11-       EIA of two industrial zones initiated

Gandaki, Dec 31: Works have been initiated for conducting the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the industrial zone at Punditar of Kaski and at Lokahakhola of Nawalpur.

The Gandaki province government had announced the construction of these two projects six years back. Gaumukhi Engineering had got the responsibility of conducting the EIA of these two projects.

The agreement to this effect was signed with the consultant company two weeks back and it has started its works, said Ram Prasad Acharya, Chief of the Industry-Commerce Division at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, the Sudurpaschim government.

“The consulting firm has been given the responsibility of determining the area of work and preparing the list of works within one month, and submitting the preliminary report within two months and the final report within five months,” he added.

According to Acharya, the provincial government has forwarded the works related to environmental impact assessment as the federal government does not provide the land for the industrial area until the EIA is conducted.

He shared that the construction of industrial zone had not started since the land for the facilities could not be managed even for many years since the industrial zone was declared.

Acharya said the proposal sent by the provincial government for acquiring the land for the two projects has been pending at the Ministry of Forests and Environment of the Federal government.

“The process of managing land would move ahead after the EIA report is submitted. After that, the Ministry will concentrate on constructing the infrastructures required for the industrial zone,” he added.

As he said, the proposal sent by the provincial government has already reached the Ministry of Forests and Environment of the Federal Government from the Office of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers will make a decision to provide land for the industrial zone after getting the approval of the Ministry of Forests and Environment.

The provincial government has allocated Rs 25 million in this fiscal year for the construction of the industrial zone.

12-       19,717 quake affected in Rukum West receive first installment of assistance

Tribeni (Rukum West), Dec 31: The people affected by the November 3 earthquake in Rukum West have received the first installment of monetary assistance meant for building temporary shelters. They numbered 19,717.

According to an official source, so far 19,717 beneficiaries at all six local levels in the district have received Rs 25,000 each, totaling Rs 492 million 925 thousand.  

Assistant Chief District Officer, Prabesh Baduwal, said though the District Disaster Management Fund allocated the budget for 23,600 eligible beneficiaries, the Local Disaster Mitigation Fund distributed it to 19,717.

The highest number of beneficiaries is from the Aaathbiskot municipality as they numbered 7,000.

The affected in Banfikot rural municipality have been unable to get the assistance amount in absence of the chief administrative officer at the local government, it is said

In Chaurjahari municipality, the number of beneficiaries is 5,938 beneficiaries while it is 211 in Musikot municipality, 4,449 in Sanibheri rural municipality and 2,069 in Triveni rural municipality             

The District Disaster Fund allocated RS 590,200,000 to the local fund and the first installment has yet to be received by 3,091 beneficiaries. The District Administration Office has said that it has so far identified above 28,800 as beneficiaries for the earthquake assistance.

13-       Bipin’s release expected in second phase of ceasefire: Minister Saud

Dodhara Chandani (Kanchanpur), Dec 31: Minister for Foreign Affairs, Narayan Prakash Saud, has said the government efforts continue for the safe release of Bipin Joshi from Kanchanpur, reportedly held hostage by Hamas in Israel. 

In his address to the 17th anniversary celebrations of Shuklaphanta FM, a community radio in Mahendranagar today, the Minister said, “We have consistently urged the Government of Israel for Bipin’s safe release. I personally visited Qatar, which has good relations with Palestine, to request the Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to initiate efforts for Bipin’s release.” He assured that the release is expected during the second phase of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The parents of Bipin Joshi took the opportunity to appeal to the Minister for the government’s intervention to ensure their child’s safety. Minister Saud responded by reassuring them that their son would return to home during the second phase of the ceasefire.

On a different context, he said that Nepal’s relations with its neighbours have been lately improved and they have been balanced.

According to him, during the Prime Minister’s recent visit to India, an agreement was reached for the trade of 10,000 MW of electricity from Nepal to India over ten years, with India committing to purchasing power from Nepal for a period of 25 years.

14-       NTUC hands memo to NC president Deuba

Kathmandu, Dec 31: The Nepal Trade Union Congress has submitted a memorandum to Nepali Congress president and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, calling for representation of workers in the election to the National Assembly member.

The NTUC is the labour wing of the Nepali Congress. An NTUC delegation led by its president Yogendra Kumar Kunwar today met with party president Deuba and called for ensuring the representation of labourers in the National Assembly election.

Union’s general-secretary Ajaya Kumar Rai said a meeting of the NTUC office-bearers has recommended the names of the Union’s former president Laxman Bahadur Basnet, Khilanath Dahal and Pushkar Acharya to the member of the NA, the upper chamber of the Federal Parliament. The list of recommended names has been handed over to party president Deuba.

The NTUC has drawn the attention of the party president, while issuing the tickets, to select the candidates from the party for the NA election from among the persons in the professional organisations, including the trade union, and intellectuals who were not given tickets in the last election, not included in the proportional representation quota and who are qualified and with clean image.

In the meeting, party president Deuba said that the party would select the candidates who represent all sectors for the National Assembly election.

15-       Tamu Lhosar festival contributes to promoting national unity: PM Dahal

Kathmandu, Dec 31: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the Tamu Lhosar, a cultural festival of the Gurung Community, has played a significant role in promoting national unity.

In his address to the Tamu Lhosar festival at the local open theatre on the occasion of the Tamu Lhosar today, the Prime Minister said the festival remaining as one of the conventional festivals nationally and globally carries a scientific value as it is associated with the time cycle and essence of nature.

As he said, the Gurung community started observing the festival as the movement for promoting their rights and identity after the restoration of democracy in 1990. The festival is observed on the 15th day of the Nepali month Push.

Reminding that the Constitution has institutionalized national unity and identify based on diversity, recognizing Nepal’s multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-religious and multi-cultural characteristics and geographical diversities as vital components of nationality, the government head said, “Nepal’s national culture is an integrated form of all cultures that exist within the country.”

He said besides Nepal the festival is observed in China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Korea, Bhutan, Thailand and Myanmar under different names.

The PM said government gives a public holiday on the occasion of the Lhosar and other cultural festivals as it recognized their significance. Though such holidays were removed in the mid, they were resumed later, he added. “Several historically and scientifically significant festivals are celebrated in Nepal. Recognizing various religious and cultural faiths of different castes and communities, we preserve various civilizations, languages, arts, cultures, scripts, attire, and cultural heritage.”

The Prime Minister further added, “Unity and tolerance centered on democracy, social justice, national unity, independence, integrity, and patriotism are our national characteristics and identity.”

The nation’s unity, independence, prosperity and national interest depend on conservation of nationality and identity of community.  These kinds of festivals have their roles in strengthening national unity, social harmony, religious tolerance and unity, according to him who said it is the collective responsibilities of all of us to establish the beauty of federal democratic republic with assimilation’s of our national characteristics and uniqueness.

“May this festival inspire all of us to unite for the establishment of social justice, good governance, and prosperity, which are the national agendas of the hour, by preserving national unity and national culture,” he extended best wishes on the occasion.

16-       NC decides to make qualified and popular faces candidates for NA election

Kathmandu, Dec 31: The Nepali Congress has made a decision to give priority to qualified and popular individuals with clean image, who are committed to the party and so far have not got any opportunity or who are deprived of such opportunity, while selecting candidates for the National Assembly upcoming election.

The NC Central Working Committee meeting also decided to give common candidacy on the basis of consensus for the NA election candidature amongst the parties in the ruling coalition.

The NC CWC meeting was held from December 28 to30. Speaking in the press conference organized today at the party office to make public the meeting’s decisions, Chief of the NC Publicity Department, Min Bahadur Bishwakarma said the meeting appealed to all those involved in the peace process for common agreement, concluding that there should not be delay in providing justice to the conflict-affected people and families by taking the remaining works of the peace process to a logical conclusion.

The meeting has decided to endorse the revision of the date for holding the party’s Mahasamiti meeting on February 19-22, 2024. A CWC meeting on December 15 had rescheduled the date for the Mahasamiti meeting. 

According to him, the ministers from the party in the present government had briefed the meeting about the roles they fulfilled and works they carried out in the last one year.

The central committee members putting their views in the meeting had said that although the woks on development and construction, good governance, employment creation, prosperity, rescue, relief and rehabilitation during earthquake, landslide, flooding and inundation, and in rescuing the Nepalis in distress due to the conflict in the international arena, carried out by the government in the last one year were satisfactory, there is the need for carrying out additional works in a prompt manner for instilling enthusiasm among the people.

Stating that indications of improvement have been seen in the economic, social sectors of the country, the major party in the ruling alliance demanded that the government adopts effective policies especially so that employment opportunities are generated, keeping in mind the developing situation in the nation’s economic, social and political fronts.

The NC CWC meeting decided to call attention of the government to take efficient policies on good governance while guaranteeing peace, and law and order. Expressing sorrow over the incident that took place on December 29 at the EPS Office area at Balkumari of Lalitpur, themeeting called on the government to form a high-level judicial investigation committee to find out the truth and facts of the incident and bring the culprits to book.

Similarly, the party demanded that the government should provide appropriate employment to at least one member of the family of those who died in the agitation movement arising out of the dispute over the process of going abroad for work. It also demanded the government provides appropriate compensation to the families of the deceased.

The meeting drew the attention of the government over the movement taking place at several places and organised by those citizens who have been the victims of cooperatives. It demanded prompt implementation of the report of high-level mechanism formed by the government in that connection and to provide justice to the affected depositors.

Bishwakarma also said that the meeting has called on the government to promptly pass the laws related to the federalism implementation and others laws as the Federal Civil Service Act, Federal Police Act, the School Education Act, etc. that are in the process of endorsement.

The NC has pointed out the need of formulating the required policy and programmes, with the coordination among the three tiers of the government, for building earthquake-resistant physical structures for the strong and firm reconstruction in the post-Jajarkot earthquake.

17-       Government to form high-level commission over Balkumari incident

Kathmandu, Dec 31: The government has proceeded ahead with forming a high-level commission to probe an incident occurred in Balkumari of Lalitpur on Friday, resulting in two fatalities.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ today directed Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, towards that end. The Home Ministry will prepare a proposal to this regard and present to the Council of Ministers.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers scheduled to take place on Monday evening is expected to make a formal decision regarding the formation of the Commission, according to Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Prakash Jwala.

The Commission will be formed in accordance with the Clause 3(2) of the Commission of Inquiry Act, 2026 BS (1969) and will start works from Monday itself.

 Birendra Shah, 22, of Doti and Sujan Rawat, 23, of Dailekh who were injured in a police clash following a demonstration later died during the treatment. Youths demonstrated at Balkumari, citing they were barred from appearing in the EPS examination.  The vehicle of Minister Jwala was torched in the incident.

A committee was formed by the Home Ministry same day to inquire about the incident. On Saturday, Lalitpur’s Police Chief, Lalitpur’s Chief District Officer and EPS Korea Branch Chief were suspended until the investigations into the matter conclude.

Huge earnings from orange farming

Beni, Dec 31 : Til Kumari Humen from Baskun village of Beni municipality-4 of Myagdi district had begun orange farming by selling jewelries. It was some 25 years back she embarked on fruit farming after the paddy crops did not give good returns.

As she remembers those days of odd and bold decision to utilize land by growing orange, she finds herself right now. She is making huge income from the fruit farming. Humen had sold three tolas of gold for initial investment.

Humen, 68, is running her family comfortably with the income from fruit farming. “I not only recovered my initial investment but also became able to ensure smooth financial management of family. It is the source of major income,” she shared, adding that there are some 400 orange trees in her orchard.

She further informed that she earns some Rs 800 thousand to Rs 1 million with sale of the citrus fruit every year. “Although my relatives had discouraged me to initiate orange farming, my initiation was replicated and expanded in the village. My decision to change profession proved right,” she expressed happiness.

Currently, 40 houses from Baskuna, Surkela and Thamdanda villages are engaging with orange farming in eight hectares of land, making adequate income.

There is a wave of commercial orange farming in each household here. The irrigation project at Balam Khila completed some two years ago has also contributed to bringing orange farming to fruition, locals viewed.

Earlier, farmers here used to transport their produces to Pokhara and Kathmandu themselves. But lately, the oranges grown here are sold from the groves. The buyers, especially from Pokhara and Kathmandu cities, reach the grove and make direct transaction.

Dal Bahadur Karki, a pioneer farmer, said that this has hugely relieved the farmers. He further shared the buyers come and pay in advance before the oranges are ripe.

A lot of orange groves here are booked by the buyers in advance and there is no dearth of market for the locally grown oranges, informed Karki, adding that farmers sold oranges for Rs 80 per kg this year against Rs 72 last year, informed Karki.

The minimum price of the orange was fixed at Baskuna village to maintain uniformity, divulged Sandeep Khattri, ward member of Beni municipality-4.

Last year, oranges worth Rs 10 million were exported from 40 houses of Baskuna, Surkemela and Thamdanda villages. This year, the production is slightly less. So, orange sale is estimated at Rs 7.5 million to Rs 8 million, said Khatri.

A farmer fetches as much as Rs 100 thousand to Rs 1 million from orange farming. Baskuna village in the municipality is known as ‘Orange Village’ for most of the households in the village are involved in commercial orange farming.

19-       Indigenous Kulung community observes New Year-5084 with various programmes

Kathmandu, Dec 31: The Kulung of Kirati community has celebrated New Year- 5084 with various programmes.

The Nepal Kirati Kulung Language and Culture Upliftment Association, Valley Committee, Kathmandu marked the indigenous New Year with dances, cultural show, and poetry recitation, among others at Gokarneshwor-3, Kathmandu on Sunday.

On the occasion, President of Finance Committee under the Federal Parliament, Santosh Chalise, inaugurated the New Year-5084 and said the State was shouldering the responsibility, preserving and promoting cultures, religion and values of various indigenous communities.

Stating that the constitution has ensured languages, religions, cultures of diverse ethnicities, Chalise urged one and all to foster unity and positive thinking in favor of a prosperous nation.

Likewise, Deputy Mayor of Gokarneshwor municipality, Sannani Lama, shared that the federal government had provided Rs 2.5 million for the construction of Kulung community and cultural building. Process for tender call was forwarded.

Deputy Mayor Lama assured municipality’s support for the preservation and promotion of languages, religions and cultures of Kulung and other communities.

Chairperson of Nepal Kirat Kulung Language and Culture Valley Association, Ghanashyam Kulung, shared that the Kulung community, worships nature.

On the occasions, various individuals contributing for the greater good of the Kulung community economically, and scholarly were honoured with letters of honour.

Maya Kulung, who contributed Rs 100,200 for the construction of the cultural building of Kulung community received special honour.

20-       NTUC demands workers’ representation in National Assembly

Kathmandu, Dec 31: Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC), an organization close to the Nepali Congress, submitted a memorandum to party president Sher Bahadur Deuba on Sunday. Through the submission, the NTUC demanded representation of workers in the National Assembly.

A team led by NTUC chairman Yogendra Kumar Kunwar met president Deuba and made such demand. The meeting of the NTUC office bearers has recommended the names of its former chairpersons Laxman Bahadur Basnet, Khilanath Dahal and Pushkar Acharya as the members of the National Assembly.

Information to this was shared by NTUC general secretary Ajay Kumar Rai. The organization reminded the party that it picked clean and qualified figures as candidates for NA from the party.

On the occasion, president Deuba assured that the party would select the candidates considering diverse representation.

20-       Foreign tourist goes missing from Mardi trekking trail

Kaski, Dec 31 : A foreign tourist who went hiking in Mardi trekking trail of Machapuchhre rural municipality has been out of contact.

Swedish national Michael Leo Lomberg has been missing since last Saturday morning. Police have begun searching him, according to the District Police Office, Kaski.

According to DSP Shrawan Kumar BK, the 20-year-old Swedish youth left the hotel at around 4:00 am for the base camp of Mardi peak along the trekking trail.

The Swedish national, who was trekking alone, had registered his name in the tourist information centre at Machhapuchhre rural municipality in the low camp of the trekking trail last Friday, police added.

“We sent a team of policepersons from ward police office to search for the missing foreigner after we were notified about his missing. The police however have not reached the spot from where he went missing. The team continues searching him once it reaches there,” said DSP BK.

It is four-hour trekking to reach base camp of the mountain from the high camp. The tourist entrepreneurs and locals are also searching for the missing one since Sunday morning but to no avail, said Ram Gurung, ward chairperson of Machhapuchhre rural municipality-8 in the district.

According to the information obtained by police, Swedish trekker was known to cross the viewpoint in Mardi and headed towards base camp of Mardi peak before going incommunicado.

21-       Minister Kirati instructs CAAN officials to prioritize aviation safety

Kathmandu, Dec 31 : Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati has directed the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) to abide by the concerns of the European Commission to remove Nepali airlines companies from EU’s blacklist.

Addressing a programme organized on Sunday on the occasion of 25th anniversary of CAAN, Minister Kirati instructed the CAAN officials to give topmost priority for the aviation safety and maintain the nation’s image by providing passenger-friendly services. 

On the occasion, Minister Kirati said that Nijgadh International Airport would be developed in the public private partnership framework and asked the officials to work considering the government policy and target for tourism promotion and development.

Likewise, State Minister for Tourism Sushila Shreepaili Thakuri asked the CAAN officials to advance by forging partnership and focus on future plans. Ministry’s Secretary Dr Dipak Kalfe said that the CAAN should meet its targets by firmly implementing the annual policy and programmes.

On the occasion, Nepal’s first Air Traffic Controller Narayan Bahadur Singh was honoured posthumously while this year’s ‘CAAN Service Prize’ of Rs 100,000 was provided to Director Raju Shrestha. Also speaking at the event, CAAN Director General Pradip Adhikari argued that the CAAN was making the best possible efforts for the country’s aviation safety.

The EU blacklisted Nepal imposing a ban on Nepali airlines from flying into the 28-nation bloc of the EU for the first time in 2013 shortly after the ICAO put up air safety concerns. In 2017, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) however removed Nepal from its Significant Safety Concern list. Aviation Safety Report-2020 made public by the CAAN on November 27 showed decreasing air incident rate. Adoption of modern safety system in air safety and efficiency enhancement of aviation workforce are said to be responsible for it.


22-       PM Cup Women T-20: Sudurpaschim defeat Bagmati Province

Kathmandu, Dec 31: In the ongoing Prime Minister Cup Women T-20 tournament, the team Sudurpaschim Province on Sunday defeated Bagmati Province by nine wickets, entering the qualifier round.

Team Sudurpaschim managed to score the target of 100 runs at the loss of one wicket in 14.3 overs. For the victory of Sudurpaschim Province, Bindu Rawal managed the highest 54 runs while Samjhana Khadka played not out with 21 runs in 16 bowling.    

To make its position secured for the final, the Suduparchim Province will play with the team Koshi Province on Monday. The Koshi Province team was defeated in the first round of qualifier match.

The match was played at the TU Cricket Stadium in Kritipur.

23-       Amar Akaash’s maiden book of poems, Tungana, released

Kathmandu, Dec 31 : Young Nepali poet Amar Akaash’s first collection of poems, Tungana, was released amid a programme at the Kathmandu Public Library. 

The event was chaired by senior poet Shailendra Sakar and was attended by Shreejana Bhandari, Director of White Lotus Book Shop. Senior poet Hari Adhikari, Himalayan poet Yuyutsu RD Sharma and literary journalist and critic Rajkumar Baniya were also present to launch the book. The program was conducted by well-known poet and journalist, Shyam Rimal.

Poet Amar Akash began the programme by reciting two of his famous poems ‘Jhalkaman Gandharva’ and ‘Messiah Puppy’. Rajkumar Baniya pointed out that Amar Akash’s poems were fresh and original, full of vivid images and soaked in the heritage of Kathmandu’s people’s cultural heritage.

At the same time, the Himalayan poet Yuyutsu Sharma called Amar the true successor of great Nepali poet, Gopal Prasad Rimal and said that a new star has emerged on the horizon of the Nepali literature. Hari Adhikari said that he was delighted to read Amar’s poetry and saw a strong possibility of more powerful works coming from the poet in the coming years.

Shailendra Sakar mentioned Amar as a strong and talented young poet who wrote poems in accordance with aesthetics of Kathya Kayakalp (Content Metamorphosis), a literary movement that he initiated with his fellow poet Yuyutsu Sharma a few decades ago.

According to Shreejana Bhandari, the publisher of White Lotus Book Shop, the book is available in bookstores in Kathmandu along with online platforms such as Amazon, Daraz, and Flipkart for readers worldwide.

24-       Community gene bank established

Nepalgunj, Dec 31 : A community gene bank has been established in Kohalpur Municipality, Banke.

Mayor of Kohalpur Municipality Purna Prasad Acharya and Scientist of Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) Dr Mukunda Bhattarai jointly inaugurated the gene bank established at Gorkha United Public School.

The gene bank established to share information to the students on insects will have a total of 35 wall and wooden hives. On the occasion, Mayor Acharya said that the municipality was committed for the conservation of culture, heritages and nature adding that human encroachment against them was on the rise. “Common efforts are needed for such interventions,” he added.

Likewise, Scientist Dr Bhattarai said that the concept of the gene bank was developed for the protection of indigenous insects and crops. Dr Bhattarai shared that the government should support for the preservation of indigenous crops and marketing.

25-       ‘Federal system a boon to carry out development works in remote areas’

Myagdi, Dec 31: Minister for Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport Management of Gandaki Province Resham Bahadur Jugjali has argued that the federal system has proved to be a boon to ensure development access in the remote and underdeveloped societies.

Inaugurating the Fourth President Running Shield Sports Competition at Arman of Mangala Rural Municipality in Myagdi district, Minister Jugjali said that infrastructure construction works have advanced in the underdeveloped sites after the establishment of the province and local levels.

He also reminded the youth generation to take stock of the development in the rural areas in the time of king and Panchayat regime.

“Not by sitting in Kathmandu and Pokhara, federalism is a boon while looking at it from the perspective of remote Gurja village of Myagdi,” he added.   On the occasion, Minister Jugjali said that the Gandaki Province Government upgraded a total of 1,300 kilometres of road and developed 81 motorable bridges in the past six years.

Minister Jugjali, however, said that the operational modality and working style of the leaders should be reformed and changed to bring about reforms and changes in the people’s status.

26-       Foreign tourist goes missing from Mardi trekking trail

Kaski, Dec 31 : A foreign tourist who went hiking in Mardi trekking trail of Machapuchhre rural municipality has been out of contact.

Swedish national Michael Leo Lomberg has been missing since last Saturday morning. Police have begun searching him, according to the District Police Office, Kaski.

According to DSP Shrawan Kumar BK, the 20-year-old Swedish youth left the hotel at around 4:00 am for the base camp of Mardi peak along the trekking trail. The Swedish national, who was trekking alone, had registered his name in the tourist information centre at Machhapuchhre rural municipality in the low camp of the trekking trail last Friday, police added.

“We sent a team of policepersons from ward police office to search for the missing foreigner after we were notified about his missing. The police however have not reached the spot from where he went missing. The team continues searching him once it reaches there,” said DSP BK.

It is four-hour trekking to reach base camp of the mountain from the high camp.  The tourist entrepreneurs and locals are also searching for the missing one since Sunday morning but to no avail, said Ram Gurung, ward chairperson of Machhapuchhre rural municipality-8 in the district.

According to the information obtained by police, Swedish trekker was known to cross the viewpoint in Mardi and headed towards base camp of Mardi peak before going incommunicado.

27-       Time to explore new tourist destinations: Minister Kirati

Kathmandu, Dec 31 : Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, said time has come to explore new tourist destinations. Once the new places are explored, its links to art and culture are equally important.

Minister Kirati said it while addressing a programme organized on the 25th anniversary of Nepal Tourism Board on Sunday. “As long as I remain in the post, I devote to development of tourism sector,” he vowed.

Promotion of indigenous culture, jatras and cuisines helps boost rural tourism, while heritages also draw tourists, according to the Minister. He argued tourism has seen signs of recovery from the Covid-19.

On the occasion, ministry secretary Dr Dipak Kafle observed that Nepal Tourism Board is an important institute which has vital role on making Nepal known to the world.

According to him, government has adopted the policy of creating one million jobs from tourism sector by bringing in 3.5 million tourists every year by 2032. However, all sides cooperation is essential to meet this target, Kafle added.

Nepal Tourism Board’s CEO, Dr Dhananjay Regmi, pointed out the need of additional investment for promotion and expansion of tourism in the country.

It was shared in the programme that 2023 recorded arrival of over one million tourists. Former chairperson of Hotel Association Nepal, Sirjana Rana, stressed on linking Nepal’s tourism industry to world market. Lately, the interest and wants of tourists have changed, so Nepal needs to prepare infrastructures accordingly.

28-       Provincial govt committee to improve quality of education 

Bara, Dec 31: Chief Minister of Madhesh Province Saroj Kumar Yadav said provincial government will leave no stone unturned to improve the quality of education in the province.

At the 42nd anniversary of Ram Raja Mohan Bikran Shah Multiple Campus in Kalaiya on Sunday, CM Yadav assured that he was committed to addressing the issues prevailing the education sector.

Stating that the provincial government had allocated the highest amount of budget to the education sector, the CM asserted provincial government was investing in education although the federal government did not grant authority on education sector.

He lauded the role of the Campus for providing quality education. He also pledged to provide more budget and human resources to the Campus to provide quality education.

Similarly, Province Assembly member in the Province, Mohammad Samir, reaffirmed his commitment for his continuous support to the Campus.

Campus Chief Hari Bhusan Kushwaha however grieved that the campus, established to provide education to people from underprivileged families, was not receiving any support from the people’s representatives.

The campus has 1,400 students, he said.


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