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Area for Arna and deers to be expanded

Published Date : August 24, 2019

Chitwan, Aug 24: The habitat for wild water buffaloes and deers in Chitwan National Park is to be expanded, while also adding the number of the rare animals.

An open cage had been established in the Padampur area of the park three years ago to house wild water buffaloes and reindeers.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation has allocated a fund of Rs. 10 million for expanding the open cage for the animals, according to Chief Protection Officer of the Park Bed Kumar Dhakal.

The area which is currently 22 hectares will be increased to 47 hectares by adding an area of 25 hectares.

Following the expansion of the area, more wild buffaloes and deers will be added. There are currently 13 wild buffaloes and one reindeer in the cage.

The number will be increased and released in the wild after making them a group of 25 to 30, which will help them survive on their own, said Director General of the Department Man Bahadur Khadka.

Grazing area as well as water reservoirs will also be constructed within the cage area.

Also a security post or Machhan will be constructed to secure the animals.

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