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Bharatpur Hospital full of fever patients

Published Date : September 9, 2019

            Chitwan, Sept 9: The highest number of patients ever so far visited the outpatient department at Bharatpur Hospital on Sunday. A total of 1,922 patients had come to the OPD for medical check-up and among them more than 900 had come to the medical department.

            A majority of the patients registering their name for check up at the medical department were suffering from fever, Hospital’s information officer Leeladhar Poudel said. According to him, most of these patients were found infected with dengue and some with influenza.

            Chief of the Hospital’s Medical Department, Dr Prakash Khatiwada said there are only five specialist doctors at the Department. He said the doctors could not check all the patients who came up for health check-up as the Department was overflowing with patients – 900 new patients and 300 old ones. He said preference has been given today for health examination of the 100 patients who could not be checked on Sunday.

            The Department normally examines about 450 new and 150 old patients on a single day. But the number of patients was more than double this number on Sunday, Khatiwada said.

            According to him, the hospital is thinking of operating a ‘fever ward’ with the surge in number of patients suffering from fever. Medical wards and cabins in the In-patient Department are also full of fever patients, he added. Around 120 fever patients have been admitted to the hospital.

            The two medical college hospitals and 20 private hospitals in Chitwan district are also full of fever patients.

            Vector controller at the Health Office Chitwan, Ram KC said out of the 3,400 people who underwent tests for dengue infection, 1206 were found to be infected with the disease. Two persons have died from dengue.

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