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Demand of impeachment against judge

Published Date : September 10, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 10: Lawmaker Mohan Baniya has accused the judiciary of letting down the morale of parliament. The Supreme Court’s decision on the case relating to NCell capital gain tax was wrong, he asserted at the zero hour of the meeting of the House of Representatives today.

Similarly, Bimala Nepali and Bhimsen Das Pradhan drew the government’s attention to raise public awareness against dengue.

Man Kumari GC accused the insurance companies of discriminating the AIDS survivors.

Maheshwor Jung Gahatraj demanded stringent action against those leaving cattle free on street.

Other current issues featured during the meeting were violence against women and stringent action to the perpetrators.

Moreover, lawmaker Nawaraj Silwal observed that misuse of social networking sites were increasing lately and demanded such tendency be discouraged. He pressed for making the local levels more active to render effective and prompt services to the service –seekers.

Khagaraj Adhikari called for unity among all political parties, opposition party and government to eliminate poverty and end corruption. He viewed that Nepali people should get bonus of private telecom service provider, Ncell.

Likewise, Anil Kumar Jha drew the attention of the government towards the sorry state the flood-survivors in various places in Terai and underlined devising sustainable solutions.

Bimal Prasad Shreevastav demanded Nepal’s clear views on the India-administered Kashmir. He pointed out the need for the government to relax the visa procedure and make the process hassle-free to make Visit Nepal 2020 a success.

Prem Suwal demanded government’s response of the measures adopted to prevent dengue epidemic in Nepal. Parbati DC Chaudhary said that people were dissatisfied with the judiciary’s decision on Ncell tax issues.

Ashakumari BK asked why the Far West State was untouched by the preparation of Visit Nepal 2020 yet. Avhisekh Pratap Shah drew the government’s attention towards the peasants’ protest in Kanchanpur and Kapilvastu districts.

Rangamati Shahi lamented that the apples grown in Jumla district had not found markets. Indu Kumari Sharma demanded restructuring of the physical infrastructures of Jaleshwor Jail.

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