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Bhimphedi locals generating income from nettle plants

Published Date : September 13, 2019

Bhimphedi, Sept 13: Locals of Bhimphedi rural municipality have surged their income by capitalizing the medicinal value of Sisno (stinging nettle).

People generated money from the sale of powder of the herbal plant which has been relegated to the backburner for not knowing its health benefits and financial dividends. The herbal plant is abundantly found at forestry areas in Bhimphedi.

Monkey rampage has panicked the local farmers causing damages to their regular farming. But now they have found alternative way to utilize the unused land for nettle (sisno) farming and manufacture powder for commercial purpose, informed Bhimfedi-6 Chair Jahar Singh Lama.

Some locals are manufacturing and exporting sisno power at home and abroad at the rate of Rs 700 per kg.

The ward is also effortful to promote alternative farming of sisno and Sichuan pepper (Timur) in place of routine crops, said ward chair Lama.

Locals have attracted to manufacture sisno powder by utilizing the ignored plant species. One can pick two baskets of sisno leaves in an hour which is enough to manufacture a kilogram powder.

As its demand has increased of late people can generate money from the sisno farming, said ward chair Lama.

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