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“Nepal has conducive environment for foreign investment,” assures Minister Gyawali

Published Date : September 17, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 17: Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said that Nepal has a favorable environment for foreign investment and there was prospects of making ample profit from such ventures.

At an international workshop organized by the Former MP’s Forum Nepal here today on ‘Global Situation and Future of Nepal’, Minister Gyawali reiterated that factors as investment-friendly laws, appropriate geographical location and availability of labourers had created a sea of opportunities for investment in Nepal.

Gyawali said, “There is no problem for market for the investors as Nepal is placed between the second biggest economy in the world-China, and sixth biggest economy-India. Environment has been enabled where the investors could consider investment in Nepal without fear and can expect ample profit.”

Likewise, presenting a paper themed “Investment an instrument to prosperity” CEO of the Investment Board of Nepal Maha Prasad Adhikari illustrated about the areas to be considered for foreign investment and the situation of investment in the country.

Similarly, Japanese Ambassador to Nepal Masamichi Saigo expressed his confidence that Nepal-Japan ties continues to strengthen in future.

Also presenting a paper, Chief of Political Division in the US Embassy in Nepal, Clinton Tad Brown shared that the American government had been extending support to Nepal in the sector of strengthening of democracy, human assistance and disaster management.

Forum’s Acting President Jhalaknath Wagle explained that the event was organized to share views, ideas and experiences of the renowned experts, former parliamentarians and academicians about Nepal’s situation in the world.

Founding Secretary-General of the Forum Hemraj Dahal argued that environment degradation has endangered the future of existence of our own planet along with the flora and fauna of the world due to our negligence and mismanagement of natural resources.

Established in 2000, the Forum has been 500 former MPs associated with it. The Forum provides consultative services on wide range of issues such as formulation of laws and the like to the parliament.

The participants in today’s workshop had univocally underlined collective effort for enhancing capacity of the State and resolving any issues relating to systematic development.

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