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Gandaki state government cautioned to check black marketing

Published Date : September 26, 2019

Pokhara, Sept 26: The Jagaran Abhiyan Pokhara has drawn Gandaki state government’s attention towards checking black marketing with the grand festivals coming near.

The Abhiyan cautioned the state government through Gandaki state Minster for Internal Affairs and Law Hari Bahadur Chuman and Chief District Officer Ramesh Kumar KC to get the festivals freed from anomalies and create environment to celebrate in an indigenized manner.

Abhiyan Coordinator Anju KC informed the concerned authorities were cautioned and asked to take effective measures to curb black marketing, unusual increment of fare in public vehicles, non-standard edible stuffs, robbery, burglary, murder and violence in view of the festivals.

While receiving the memorandum, Minster Chuman expressed government’s seriousness to get the festivals freed from anomalies by maintaining social harmony.

He said a civilized society would be created through the engagement of cautious citizenry.

“When one enjoys the freedom it would not create environment that undermines other people’s rights”, the Minister added.

Likewise, Chief District Officer Ramesh Kumar KC expressed his confidence that the local administration would honestly discharge its duty in maintaining law and order, checking unusual price hike and reducing black marketing.

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