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NC should be industrious: Leader Poudel

Published Date : September 26, 2019

Kathmandu, Sept 26: Nepali Congress (NC) senior leader Ram Chandra Poudel has opined that it’s high time for NC to review why the NC got defeat in the three-tier election.

At a programme organized by the Democratic Entrepreneurs Association, Tulsipur at Lamahi in Dang district today, Poudel viewed that the leaders in NC should correct themselves since they could not take the public into their confidence.

As a result, NC had to face humiliating defeat in the elections. He urged,” All leaders should work in the best interest of the party and leadership should be oriented towards cadres.”

Stating that the party would not be strong on the behest of a single leader’s leadership, the NC senior leader underscored the need for the NC to be hard working.

According to him, the upcoming national convention is the test of time for NC leaders and cadres that would determine NC’s future. Furthermore, leader Poudel claimed that the incumbent government was failing to keep up with the expectations of the public.

He said, “Public was hopeful that the communist-led government would do some wonder, but the public as well the NC is led to disappointment by the government.”

Saying the government formed with the two-thirds majority was currently confused, he assured, “NC will usher the county to prosperity and development.”

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