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Govt failed to work in spirit of constitution: Singh

Published Date : October 2, 2019

Kathmandu, Oct 2 : Nepali Congress (NC) leader Prakash Man Singh has blamed that the incumbent government failed to deliver as per the essence and spirit of the constitution.

At a programme organised by NC constituency 3 to exchange festival greetings here today, leader Singh asserted that the wordings in the resignation letter rendered by Speaker of House of Representatives (HoR) Krishna Bahadur Mahara were against the spirit of constitution.

Stating that laws would be equal to one and all, former Deputy Prime Minister Singh urged to probe the incident in connection to Speaker Mahara without exerting any pressure on police.

Speaker Mahara on Tuesday rendered his resignation from the post ‘until the investigation is over’ following an accusation (against him) of abusing a woman employee at the Federal Parliament Secretariat.

Singh spoke of the need to end factionalism and underscored the need for the party leadership to unite all the cadres of the party and entrust them with appropriate responsibilities.

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